Friday, 29 May 2020

Pubs open for 'Growler' Collection

The Sympathetic Ear in Brixton / Tulse Hill
I love good beer every bit as much as I love good food.  During the lockdown I've been drinking lots of cans and bottles, but I miss pubs more than I can say, and last weekend I found out that a bar about a mile from me was selling draught beer for takeaway in 'growlers' - in their case it was a 2 pint milk container (see pic).

I paid (£10 for 2 pints), took it home, and drank this wonderful cold Vibrant Forest Pale.  It was one of the best things I've done since lockdown.  In fact, The Sympathetic Ear, the bar I visited, was only closed for one week, but I hadn't realised.

I looked online to see if anyone had created a directory of places that were open, and when I found they hadn't, I decided to make a map, using a very useful list of bars and tap rooms from Beer Guide London.

I've mapped the ones that are selling draught beer for takeaway (as explicitly stated on their sites or social media feeds), but I'm sure I've missed some so please let me know by tagging me on Twitter or Instagram - I'm @londonpopups

(Direct link to the map here)

Note that these bars won't be open every day, or late at night.  Please check opening times before you visit.

At the time of writing there are 32 bars on the map.  Hopefully there will soon be many more!

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Chefs & Restaurants Offering Meal Kits During Lockdown

We're now a month into lockdown, and more and more restaurants are now offering takeaways, produce boxes and more, to keep revenue coming in, and to keep offering a service to their loyal customers.

One new feature is the number of independent restaurants now offering meal kits - ways to cook the restaurants own dishes in your own home.  These are the ones I have seen so far; keep checking back for more.

Pizza Pilgrims - A cook-at-home pizza kit, where you cook a pizza in a frying pan, and then add the differnt toppings.
Available - On Deliveroo, near to their site in Victoria, and soon to be available by post nationally.
Price - £15

The Vurger Co - A kit to cook either two of four of their most popular vegan burgers, so that you can have a burger night at home.
Available - Delivered by the founders, within a radius of their East London base - put in your postcode to see if you qualify.  Order by Wednesday and select a Friday or Saturday delivery.
Price - £17.95 for 2, £34.95 for 4.

The Cheese Bar - Fondue It Yourself - Everything you need for a two person fondue party, inc the cheese, the wine, and an optional stand for your saucepan
Available - Nationally - order online here
Price - £45 (no stand) or £65 (with stand)

Truffle - A kit to cook 4 of Truffle's excellent burgers - meat or veggie.
Available - Around London, but check by DM-ing them on Instagram (@trufflelondon) or via WhatsApp (07565611749)
Price - £25

Patty & Bun - Everything you need to make two burgers - Choose Ari Gold (cheeseburger) or Smokey Robinson (with smokey mayo) - Add your own tomatoes and lettuce.
Available - Delivery within the M25
Price - £25

Mac & Wild's Venimoo Box - Make 4 of their famous venison & beef burgers - you can also get their 'dirty brunch burger'
Available - Nationally
Price - £28

Baggio Burger - Make 4 Topolino burgers or 4 bacon cheeseburgers #flippinbueno
Available - London postcodes
Price - £25 and £30

Hop & Roll - Everything you need to make Sri Lankan Hoppers - including a pan and a specialist spatula - in one box.
Available - Posted nationally - Order by emailing
Price - £39.99 + £5 p&p

Anglo Thai - A kit to make four hot dogs, fusing British and Asian flavours.  New sets released every morning, and these often sell out
Available - Delivery in Greater London
Price - £25

Kricket - A Kricket at Home curry kit - also in partnership with HG Walter, also incredibly popular, with new stock added at 9am each day
Available - Delivery in Greater London
Price - £35

Jimmy's Paella Box - Jimmy's Pop-up is offering lots of different 'Isolation Hampers' including a Sunday Roast Box, and a Paella Box which gives you everything you need to cook a classic paella, with Sangria (both are for two people).
Available - Delivered to several South and West London postcodes
Price - £75 for the paella, Sunday Roast is from £40 - £60 depending on the choice of meat

Farang - 4 different Thai curry kits - Green, Red, Jungle & Massaman - with pastes and more (but provide your own meat if you need it).
Available - Email them on with your order, your name and your phone number.  Collect from their restaurant in N5.
Price - £18 for each kit

Cue Point - Slow-cooked, smoked meats and 'Nacos' (naan bread tacos) or buns, to re-heat and assemble at home
Available - Delivered in North and East London
Price - £30 and £50

Lahpet - Burmese noodle and salad kits from the restaurant in Shoreditch
Available - Within 10 miles of Shoreditch
Price - Approximately £12

Riding House Cafe - Several 'cook at home' kits for some of their classic dishes, including a full English breakfast box for 2 people.
Available - Within a few miles of the restaurant in Fitzrovia
Price - Varies - Full English is £23

Good Egg - A 'Bake your own Babka' kit, with all the ingredients you need to make their famous chocolate tahini babka cake
Availability - From Deliveroo near to their site in Stoke Newington.  Order on the Slerp site here
Cost - £25

Shuk - Shuk from Borough Market are offering a 'bake at home' Babka kit - order a single or a double - and DIY pita kits are coming soon
Available - Delivery within the M25
Cost - £25-32

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Chefs & Restaurants Delivering Meals During Coronavirus

Tendril - Veggie & Vegan - All around London

The Covid-19 lockdown means that no restaurants or bars are allowed to open.  Some enterprising chefs and restaurants have changed their businesses and are now offering delivery of meals and food boxes and packages.

Here is a selection -

Hot Food, ready to eat

Chubby Buddies - A delivery pop-up at The Seveney at the top of Essex Road, N1

Four Legs - Fine Burgers - North & East London

Goodburger - A new delivery-only brand from the Coqfighter team - delivering around Shoreditch, Finsbury Park & Hackney Wick

Honest Burgers - Now open for contactless delivery in Borough, Clapham, Dalston, Greenwich, Peckham, South Kensington, Swiss Cottage, & Tooting

Kricket - Open every day for delivery & collection from Brixton & White City

Lagom - Open every day at Hackney Church Brew Co for delivery, and Friday & Saturday for collection of their fire-cooked food

Mama Jai Thai - Thai Street Food for delivery in SE London

Mamapen's Cambodian Street Food - Available daily for collection from The Prince Arthur in Hackney
Rajiv’s Kitchen - Nepalese food including incredible momos - available for delivery around RM11 (Hornchurch / Havering) - Order by Thursday evening for Saturday delivery

Rapsa - Filipino food for delivery and collection from Hoxton, Tuesdays to Sundays

Rice Error by Bao - A new brand offering rice boxes for delivery
Ready Meals, inc frozen food

Bonne Franquette - Fine, three course meals for you to re-heat at home, delivered around London

Brother Marcus - Part-cooked Pizzas - Finish them in your oven in 6 minutes - Plus brunch boxes and Mediterranean BBQ boxed - Delivering within 8 miles of Balham 

Caiger & Co - Freezer meals, fresh boxes and more - Delivered across London

Dinner Ladies - A weekly menu of food that they will deliver to you - free delivery within 3 miles of their base in Putney

Neerali’s Kitchen - Meals delivered to Barnet and nearby - Expect curries & Mexican dishes

Pasta e Basta - Fresh Pasta deliveries to North and East London.  Order by 9pm on Thursdays

PEP Kitchen - A great choice of frozen vegan ready meals from Joe & Ben - Delivered nationwide

The Pickled Fork - Deliveries in SW London - order for a date night, a dinner party, a Sunday Roast

The Ugly Dumplings - Cooked & Frozen Dumplings for Delivery all around London

Baked Goods

Comfort & Joy - Baked goods and more delivered around Crystal Palace and several SE & SW postcodes

Dulwich Pantry - Handmade rolls, quiches & pies - Delivery to South London

Vegan & Vegetarian

Fooska - Vegan Indian meals in a Tiffin tin - North London

Meat & Fish

Blacklock at Home - Meat and recipes from Blacklock.  It says sold out, but keep checking back

Desserts & Drinks

Friday, 13 March 2020

Pop-ups in London - 13th - 20th March 2020

Rack City Ribs at the Rose & Crown in NW5 - Tues-Sun

This week's new listings in red
Pub & Bar Residencies - Often Open 6 or 7 Days a Week

Shopping & More


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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Montezuma’s Waste Not, Want Not Recyclable Shop in Covent Garden

To celebrate their new packaging - which is all either recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable, Montezuma is opening a Waste Not, Want Not Recyclable Shop at 67 Neal Street for two days, on 13th & 14th March 2020.  When you visit the shop you will be able to swap your unwanted packaging for tailor-made treats, designed to imitate some of the biggest waste culprits in the UK food industry – think grab-and-go salad bowls, sandwich wrappers and those iconic black sushi trays.  There will also be a big art work in the window, designed to look like an overflowing waste bin, but actually deliciously edible.  Sounds amazing!

"What do you do with your shop-bought lunch containers? Is your sandwich wrapper, crisp packet, or sushi tray recyclable? Montezuma’s wants people to re-think their daily habits by saying no to waste and yes to chocolate – and it’s doing so in the most appetising of ways…
Montezuma’s is inviting people to experience the sweet side of eco living, with its ‘WASTE NOT, WANT NOT RECYCLABLE SHOP’ in Covent Garden. To celebrate the launch of the brand’s new sustainable packaging, the award-winning British chocolate company is opening a pop-up shop, where you can swap your unwanted packaging for tailor-made treats, designed to imitate some of the biggest waste culprits in the UK food industry – think grab-and-go salad bowls, sandwich wrappers and those iconic black sushi trays.
The beautiful, bespoke treats may look like trash, but they’ll actually be formed from Montezuma’s classic white chocolate, filled with its indulgent truffle centre, and hand painted for a realistic finish! All chocolate lovers need to do to get their hands on these decadent chocolates, is simply hand over their used food containers - proving that recycling has more than just the one benefit! Sitting in the window of the store will be a fully edible 3D artwork, made to replicate a bin overflowing with non-recyclable rubbish. The piece will highlight the unrecycled waste that ends up on landfill each year. The indulgent installation will be lit up 24 hours a day, to inspire passers-by to make more sustainable choices when it comes to food.
The venture comes in the wake of Montezuma’s newly designed packaging, 100% of the Montezuma’s newly designed packaging is either recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable – a first for a British chocolate company. Taking on a large-scale recyclability project, the team at Montezuma’s looked at every aspect of its packaging process. As well as using recyclable inks, adhesives, stickers and tapes, the company’s best-selling chocolate bars will now be delivered in 100% paper and card cartons, eliminating the non-recyclable metallised wrappers.
To highlight the hard work that has gone into creating the sustainable range, Montezuma’s pop-up shop will also feature a wall that will educate visitors on the company’s research and development journey. Interactive panels will show the difference between its old and new packaging and will reveal the company’s commitment to doing what’s right – not what’s easy!
Founded in 2000 by Helen and Simon Pattinson, Montezuma’s has never compromised on quality or taste, using the very best ingredients and ethically-sourced cocoa from plantations that meet its strict ‘Trading Fairly’ policy. It also places the environment at the heart of how it does business and every new product will now be delivered in either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging."

When - 13th & 14th March 2020
10am - 6pm

Where - 67 Neal Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9PJ (Opposite the Astrology Shop)


Link - Montezuma on Instagram

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Sawah's Modern Indonesian Pop-up at The Windsor Castle in NW1

Sawah is a new Indonesian pop-up in London, set up by friends to bring their mondern take on Indonesian cooking to the UK.  They are all young graduates of catering schools, and started off doing a one week pop-up in Jakarta before coming to London.
They are popping up at The Windsor Castle pub in Park Road, NW1, very close to Regent's Park, serving Mondays to Saturdays from 4pm-10pm.
I visited earlier this week and loved it.  Great food - I had the lamb chops, fried chicken, and the broccoli starter - ad inspiring people with a great passion for food.  Go!

When - Mondays to Saturdays til early May 2020
Mondays - Saturdays, 4pm-10pm

Where - The Windsor Castle Pub, 98 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 4SH


Reservations - Call 020-7723-9262

Link - Sawah on Instagram

Chef Michael Thompson's 6 Week Residency at Crispin in E1

Michael Thompson, most recently known as head chef at Cub in Hoxton, and also at the pop-up fodder, is going to be the guest chef at Crispin in White's Row, E1, for March and April 2020, starting 10th March.  Michael's food focuses on great produce and imaginative dishes - expect something very special!

"Crispin announces its next guest chef residency: Michael Thompson. Fresh from his recent success as head chef at Cub in Hoxton and hosting his foraging-focused pop-up Fodder, Michael will present food that celebrates, and showcases his talent for, sustainable luxury. Available from Tuesday 10th March to Saturday 25th April at the revered all-day cafĂ©, restaurant and natural wine bar in Spitalfields, Michael’s menus will rotate weekly.
For six weeks, Michael will explore unique British produce as well as every aspect of sustainability that can be brought into a venue, gracing the east London restaurant with fascinating dishes such as Squid with egg yolk, smoked Jerusalem artichoke dashi and nori; Jersey Royals with wild garlic and chicken fat vinaigrette; and a Hogweed, whiskey, pear and buckwheat popcorn dessert. Plates range from £4 to £17.50 and, for those of you who are spoilt for choice, Crispin is once again offering its signature ‘one of everything’ deal, to share between two, priced at £64. 
Michael’s forward-thinking culinary style is a perfect fit for Crispin and its sell-out residencies, which showcase emerging chefs and supply a continuous stream of burgeoning culinary talent. Previous stints include ex-El Bulli chef Rob Roy Cameron and Kitchen FM’s Fabien Spagnolo & Max Truel and, more recently, Fallow’s Jack Croft & Will Murray, ahead of their takeover at the now famous 10 Heddon Street. With 40 covers, Crispin is intimate and casual, and has gained industry and customer plaudits since opening in August 2019. Designed with the award-winning architects at Sheppard Robson, the geometric restaurant is a striking purpose-built glass and zinc pavilion, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Liverpool Street station and Spitalfields Market."

When - Tuesday 10th March - Saturday 25th April 2020
Tuesday - Saturday evenings

Where - Crispin,  Pavilion on The Corner, White's Row, London E1 7NF

Booking - Via Crispin here

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Link - Crispin on Instagram