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Welcome to the newsletter.  The aim is to give you notice of the best of the pop-up & short term things that are happening in London, with a focus on food.


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This week we have -

Thursday - Thursday - Laksa, Fondue, and Japanese Comfort Food
Maps - See everything on one of my handy maps
Coming Soon - Popbitch & Dinerama’s US Election Night Party
Shop of the Week - Blondies Kitchen’s Milk & Cookies Bar at Old St Station




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What’s on this week

Brand New - 
Sambal Shiok's 6 Month Malaysian Residency in N8 - Tues - Sun
The Lodge Winter Fondue Restaurant Pop-up in Clapham North - Tues-Sun
CLAW's Winter Residency in Soho - Tues - Sat
Fowl Mouths' Japanese Comfort Food Residency in SE23 - Starts Fri
The 'Whitechapel 1888' Immersive Theatre Event in #E1 - From Friday
The Trumpocalypse Halloween Party in Shoreditch - Fri
The Pillbox Kitchen's Seafood Supperclub in E2 - Fri
Le Bun's Three Month Residency in Dalston - Daily
The Twisted Toys Tea Party in Shoreditch - Sat
The Queen of Hoxton's 'Skye Halla' Viking Winter Rooftop Bar in EC2 - Mon-Sat
Oyo Come Chop #CurryForChange SupperClub in Clerkenwell - Sun 30th
Donostia Social Club’s 2 month residency in Clapham - Starts Mon 31st
Viet Grill's 'Goat House' Pop-up Restaurant in Hoxton - Weds & Thurs
Wahaca's Day of The Dead Fiesta at The Vaults in Waterloo - Starts 3rd

Last Chance
Blondie’s Kitchen’s Milk & Cookies Stall at Old Street Station - Ends Sat 29th
JUMA Kitchen's October Residency in Clapham - Ends Sun 30th

Thursday 27th October
(Lots of things are open all week or weekend - see what’s closest to you on the map http://goo.gl/ACvi0l )

Sambal Shiok's 6 Month Malaysian Residency at Blend Cafe in N8 - Tues - Sun
Sambal Shiok, Mandy Yin's Malaysian street food and pop-up, is starting a new residency at Blend Cafe in Green Lanes, N8, on Tuesday 25th October.  Serving from Tuesday to Sunday, from 5.30pm - 9.30pm, they will be serving their amazing Laksa, plus other delights - try the dumplings! - and it's sure to make the locals happy.  Mandy's had an amazing year, including pop-ups at Salvation in Noodles and The Sun & 13 Cantons in Soho - and I'm so pleased that Sambal Shiok has found another home!

The Lodge Winter 2016 Fondue Restaurant Pop-up in Clapham North - Tues-Sun for the winter
The Lodge, Jimmy Garcia's Winter Fondue Pop-up is back for winter 2016, opening on Friday 21st October, just one minute from Clapham North tube station.  It's the same re-created alpine lodge setting as before, with fondue made from Swiss cheese, lots of great cocktails, plus a new non-fondue menu created by Jimmy's new chefs,  Ranulph Lees and Alex Cox, formerly of Nathan Outlaws Michelin Star restaurant.  There will also be Sunday roasts, quiz nights and more.

CLAW's Winter 2016 Residency at The Sun & 13 Cantons in Soho - Tues - Sat
CLAW, who serve great buns and more made from sustainable British seafood like crab and oysters, are taking over the kitchen at The Sun & 13 Cantons in Soho from late October 2016 to late January 2017.  Serving lunch and dinner (days vary) expect dishes like their famous buns, plus Sourdough fried oysters with oyster cream, and 'KFC' – Kimchi fried soft-shell crab.  It's going to be great!

Pretty F*cking Good Toast's Gourmet Toast Residency at Machine No 3 in Hackney - Tues - Sat
A gourmet toast pop-up is coming to Hackney.  More specifically, Pretty F*cking Good Toast (PFGT) is having a residency at Machine No. 3 in Well Street, serving Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6th October 2016.  All of the toast is sourdough, and the toppings are pretty advenurous, for example one has verbena harissa; walnuts; Gruyere melt; Dandelion on it.  There will also be lots f Beavertown beer to enjoy in the bar.  Haters gonna hate, but often there's nothing nicer than something delicious on toast, and I can't wait to try this one!

Squid Kitchen's 'Madrid Market Eating' Nights at 119 Cafe in Clapton - Thurs-Sat
Squid Kitchen, the Madrid street food specialist has done a number of residencies and street food events around the capital, and this October and November will be holding their first ticketed supper club nights, and also serving a full tapas menu for walk in customers.  Happening every Thursday to Saturday, at the 119 Lower Clapton Road cafe in #E5, the set supperclub menu will include gin gazpacho, pintxos selection, a choice of 3 small plates & a dessert per person.  Tickets for the set menu are just £30 - and there are 7pm and 9pm sittings.

JUMA Kitchen's October Residency at The King & Co in Clapham
October 2016 sees JUMA Kitchen taking over catering at The King & Co in Clapham, serving their Iraqi food daily from 3rd to 31st.  Itaqi food isn't that well known in the UK, so it's a great oppirtunity to try dishes like tender saffron chicken,  spiced baba ganoush and humous with freshly baked tanoor bread, and handmade kubba hamuth dumplings in rich tomato sauce.  Philip's food is delicious - you're in for a treat!

Dinerama - The Street Food Market in Shoreditch - Thurs - Sun
Dinerama, the great streetfood market at 19 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, is now open Thursday to Sunday.

#TottenhamSocial Thursday - Saturday Street Food Residencies at Craving Coffee in N15 - Thurs - Sat - Chale! Let’s Eat! (Ghanaian)
Craving Coffee, the cafe in Markfield Road, N15 has been running streetfood residencies every Friday since June 2015, with different traders coming in every week.  It now runs every Thursday to Saturday, and traders change every month.

Friday 28th October
The first night of Fowl Mouths' Japanese Comfort Food Residency at Hopscotch Cafe Bar in SE23 - Thurs & Fri from 28th
Great news - Fowl Mouths' Japanese comfort food has found a new home.  They'll be serving at Hopscotch Cafe Bar in Honor Oak, SE23, for Thursday and Friday nights from Friday 28th October to Friday 16th December 2016, with all their classics on the menu, inc Kara-age Chicken, Slow Cooked Pork Belly, and their Katsu Curry.  Great news!

The 'Whitechapel 1888' Immersive Theatre Event in #E1 - Several dates
'Whitechapel: Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron' is an immersive theatrical event from Apolcalypse Events set in 1888, at the time of Jack The Ripper.  Tickets are £26, and this gets you into their venue which they have transformed into an historical setting.  There you will be given a role, and will take part in a re-enactment.  It all sounds lots of fun, and will take place over ten nights starting Friday 28th October 2016, and continuing until Saturday 19th November, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays.  It's not a food event, but it'll excite your senses in lots of other ways...

The Trumpocalypse Halloween Party in Shoreditch
"The future is dead, the future is orange.
It's an alternate universe, TRUMP is in power and has pushed the NUCLEAR button.
We're in Halloween landscape of zombies, renegades, outlaws and mutants and we want you there..."

The Pillbox Kitchen's Seafood Supperclub in E2
"Get yourself a fish supper, with a menu designed by our dream team of chefs: Ivana from The Pill Box Kitchen Joe from The Clerkenwell Kitchen, Marcin from Acklam 242 and Robin from The Screenworks Kitchen"

El Marinero's Galician Seafood Residency at The Duke's Head in Highgate - Daily for Oct
El Marinero, who serve seafood inspired by the flavours of Galicia in the North West of Spain, are taking over the kitchen at The Duke's Head in Highgate for October 2016, starting Monday 3rd.  Expect lots of tasty seafood plates, including some buns.  Plus, the beer selection in the pub is always amazing!

(Plus lots of the Thursday things)

Saturday 29th October
Le Bun's Three Month Residency at Birthdays in Dalston - Daily
Le Bun continue their upward ascent with a new three month residency at Brthdays in Dalston, serving their signature buns like Duke Frites, and Bourguignon, plus new Christmas specials and more.  It's going to be open daily from Thursday 13th October 2016 to 29th January 2017 (Closed Christmas week), so we have no excuses not to get involved at least a couple of times!

The Twisted Toys Tea Party in Shoreditch
"This Halloween the producers of the smash hit show “Heartbreak Hotel” are joining forces with London’s unstoppable culinary kings “Nanny Bill’s” to provide a theatrical dining experience that is guaranteed to arouse more than just your senses.
Join us for an evening of exquisite dining accompanied by a show that is guaranteed to have you shaking in your socks whilst drooling in your dinner. The toy box is opening it’s lid for one night only so make sure you don’t miss out."

The Queen of Hoxton's 'Skye Halla' Viking Winter Rooftop Bar in EC2
For Winter 2016 the theme of the Queen of Hoxton's rooftop bar will be 'Viking' with a long boat, fire pits, drinking horns, and feasting hall inside their wigwam.  Drinks will include Thor's Courage - a hot mead punch, and food will be similarly warming - hot pots and more.  It's going to be open Monday to Saturday from 4pm - 10pm, with events bookable (wisest to check here before you go)

Sunday 30th October
Oyo Come Chop #CurryForChange SupperClub in Clerkenwell
"We are excited to bring you a fun night of delicious home cooked food and putting our own very African spin on the beloved curry in support of the excellent work Find Your Feet undertakes at our #CurryforChange Event. £5 of all ticket sales will be donated to Curry for Change."

Delish Thai's Sunday Pop-up in Greenwich
Delish Thai are running regular pop-ups in Greenwich SE10. Sunday nights are at The Plumtree Cafe in Greenwich High Road.  Expect great home-cooked Thai food from a Thai woman who learnt her craft helping her mum, with fresh authentic ingredients.  Go!

Monday 31st October
The first night of Donostia Social Club’s 2 month residency at The King & Co in Clapham
Basque flavours from the street food and Pop Brixton stars!

Tuesday 1st November
The Battersea Canteen's Free Tuesday Dinners from Surplus Food
Too much food is thrown away by supermarkets, and now The Battersea Canteen at the London Cooking Project, together with the charity Be Enriched, is using this for good with a weekly free supper in SW11, cooked by volunteers with food donated by chefs, local shops and businesses, and Tesco.  It takes place every Tuesday evening from 6.30 - 8.30pm and there's no booking - just turn up!  Note that while it's free, you will be able to donate money to the cause while you are there.

'POPdown by Cuisson' Pop-up Restaurant and Bar near Borough Market - Tues-Sat
Last year Cuisson held a series of POPdown suppers at The Vaults near to Waterloo; this year they're popping up with another POPdown at Borough Market, with a three storey restaurant and bar at Cathedral Street, open Tuesday to Saturday until November 2016.  Go for their tasting menu, to drink in the bar, or watch out for special events.

Wednesday 2nd November
Viet Grill's 'Goat House' Pop-up Restaurant in Hoxton - Weds & Thurs
Viet Grill in Kingsland Road is opening a pop-up serving only goat, to open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 19th October to 17th November 2016.  Tickets are £30, and this gets you a feast-style menu of Vietnamese food with goat at the heart, including a warming goat curry, Josper oven BBQ goat chops, and their centerpiece – the Vietnamese goat Steamboat, a communal hotpot of slow-cooked goat on a burner in the middle of the table.  Everything about this sounds great!

Thursday 3rd November
The first night of Wahaca's Day of The Dead Fiesta at The Vaults in Waterloo - Thurs - Sat
Wahaca, the modern Mexican restaurant, is holding a special Day of The Dead fiesta over three nights at The Vaults in Leake Street, Waterloo.  £25 gets you in to a festival of  live music and live art, hedonistic performance, street food and tequila, going on til 2am, plus there will be a free Mexican market outside in Leake Street, with traders like B.O.B.'s Lobster and Patty & Bun serving up Mexican twists on their classics.  Go!



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The Popbitch x Dinerama US Election Party in Shoreditch - Tues 8th
"Hosted with Popbitch at Dinerama, our Shoreditch street food arena, get ready for 10 hours of presidential partying as we follow the results to find the future ruler of the free world.
It’s either going to be Trump's tiny fingers on the nuclear button or Hillary, ‘a Demon from Hell’ as the new American leader - so come along and hunker in the bunker as we prepare for the apocalypse. If everything takes a turn for the worse, at least we’ll see the Western world off in style.
From dinner until dawn your £50 ticket will get you food, booze, coffee and party games – join us for Pin the ToupĂ©e on the Trump, a Popbitch Popquiz and a Swing State Prediction Competition – all happening throughout the night as we watch the results come in from across the pond."

The Good Egg x Symmetry Breakfast Syrian Brunch for Unicef - sat 26th & Sun 27th
“The Good Egg and SymmetryBreakfast are hosting a special Syrian inspired breakfast this November for#CookForSyria in aid of Unicef NEXTGen London, with perfectly matching breakfasts at £39pp.
In homage to the cuisine from the city of Aleppo, expect a very symmetrical breakfast cornucopoia of Syrian-inspired plates including a lamb and pumpkin babka; manoushi Syrian flatbreads with smoked aubergine labneh; duck kibbe with pomegranate molasses, grilled fresh grapefruit and orange blossom + pistachio atayef pancakes, all washed down with a single origin filter coffee or tea and a fig cocktail or date and banana smoothie!”

Table D'Hote's French Supperclub in W7 - Sat 26th
"After our first successful event in South West London, we are excited to be hosing our next event this November at a new venue and location.
In France, Table d’hote literally means “the host’s table”, a shared dining experience going back to the roots of traditional French Cuisine.
We are super excited for you to discover, or rediscover, the basics of French cuisine and would love you to experience what it was like for Benoit growing up in a rural area of France, where he was brought up around a big table with vast quantities of mouth-watering food."


Shops of the Week

Blondie’s Kitchen’s Milk & Cookies Stall at Old Street Station - Ends Sat 29th
“Two London based Blondies catering to your every need”
& the cookies look a bit like…

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