Monday 19 September 2011

Tesco Retro Pop-up Supermarket at Vintage Goodwood

This one is very off-topic, because it's not in London, and it's already finished, but it's a great example of how good a pop-up shop can be, in terms of concept, look and experience.

Tesco built this store for the Vintage Goodwood festival.  The theme of the festival was Britain in the 60s, and so Tesco managed to dress the store, clothe the staff, and source products that fitted in with the theme.

The media coverage has been excellent - check out this piece in the Daily Mail, and all the comments, plus lots of blogs have covered it.

Link 1 - Tesco press release
Link 2 - Daily Mail
Link 3 - Tasteologie - the best link for pictures of the pop-up store

See also my guide to how to run a pop-up shop

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