Friday 18 November 2011

The Fourth Wall Wandering Bar

The Fourth Wall is a very neat concept - a bar that appears in a different location each week.  Visit the website to see a cryptic picture to reveal the location (see recent example above), and get in touch via their website to get on the guest list.

"Created by the people behind Bourne and Hollingsworth and Blitz Party, The Fourth Wall is a new roaming bar concept that moves to a new secret location each weekend.
Designed to recreate the familiar within the unfamiliar, The Fourth Wall is a complete replica of Bourne and Hollingsworth bar  of Rathbone Place that will be touring London and occupying a different location every week.  From the distinctive flowered wallpaper and the table cloths, to the furniture and the cocktail glasses, The Fourth Wall will completely duplicate the original Fitzrovia venue but, like a film set or a theatre prop, this wandering bar will be packed away at the end of the night and move on.
The wandering bar is a completely original drinking and social concept. Like stepping into the looking glass, The Fourth Wall has created a known world set within the unknown. Guests will walk into a space, be it a warehouse or ballroom, then walk through another door into a completely new venue.
The Fourth Wall indulges in its artifice. Rather like breaking down the fourth wall in theatre, this bar can be seen in its raw form as a specially constructed installation, but once inside, guests will feel as  though they are back in the original bar NoHo. The  Fourth Wall will  challenge their  previous  perceptions and experiences of Bourne and Hollingsworth by creating new, but familiar ones in their place.  
Guests  at The Fourth Wall  will be able to  enjoy the  sharp and sophisticated  cocktail  concoctions found at Bourne and Hollingsworth, as well as experiencing the music, atmosphere and d├ęcor synonymous with its twin.
The Fourth Wall’s wandering location will remain a secret to those not in the know. As the weeks go on, there will be hints left around London in the form of notes, emails, messages and codes, as the locations get harder to find out about."

When - Friday & Saturday, 5pm - 1am

Where - A secret - visit to find out

Link - Where Is The Fourth Wall

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  1. It is a lovely bar and a great concept, though a little disappointing that by this weekend it will have been in the same location for at least three weekends running...