Wednesday 16 November 2011

HMV Pop-up Technology Store in St Paul's

HMV have had pop-ups before - records and DVDs sell far more in the run-up to Christmas than at other times of the year so it makes sense - but this is their first 'technology only' store:

"At the new pop-up store, which is leased until the start of 2012 with an option to extend the agreement, there will be a small selection of chart computer games, CDs and DVD/Blu-ray titles but most of its 1,200 sq ft will be dominated by tech goods.
Ewan Pinder, HMV Head of Technology, commented: “HMV’s remit has always been to give its customers the widest-possible access to music, film and games, however they want to discover and enjoy them.
“So our move into personal technology products, including through this new-style store, is actually a very natural next step for us that supports our continuing transformation into a broad-based entertainment brand.
“Headphones, in particular, are really taking off in a big way, and are set to be among the ‘must-have’ gift items this Christmas.”"

When - 15th November - 15th January

Where - One New Change, London EC2V 6DL


Link - Article

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