Monday 28 November 2011

Rent Shelf Space at Things British near Carnaby Street

As the popularity of this site grows, I'm getting more and more queries from people wanting to set up a pop-up shop and wanting to know if I can help.  I generally refer them to my Advice & Resources page, but now I can also refer them to Things British.

Things British is based in Kingly Court, between Carnaby Street and Kingly Street.  They rent shelf space to people who make craft items, and sell it on their behalf.  Makers pay in advance, but after that they get all the revenue from sales - there is no commission charge.  It might be worth investigating!

"If you want your very own brick-and-mortar shop to sell your craft but don’t have the time, capital or resources to make that happen, then we are offering a new, contemporary opportunity for makers to take what might be a profession or a pastime to a whole new level.
Our Managed Retail Services provide you with a share of an exciting brick-and-mortar retail environment where you are assigned your own dedicated shelf, wall or rack space. We provide the staff but unlike a trade fair - we do all the selling for you as part of the service - so you don’t have to be there. On top of all that we include advertising, joint promotions, events and marketing activities, free listings on our social ecommerce site and perhaps best of all, we take absolutely no commission on anything sold. You set the retail prices and all the nett profits are yours to keep. From glass to ceramics, jewellery to paper craft, clothing to toys, artwork to well almost anything handcrafted here in Britain - we showcase and curate your talent in a low-risk professional and supportive retail environment. So if you are looking for an opportunity to showcase new work - test the market, or looking for a more permanent venue to sell your work, then THINGS BRITISH is for you. 
Our Managed Retail Services include an allocation of space within the shop on a row of your choice. The pricing is based on the diagram opposite and below. You can book today and pay a £30 deposit (by PayPal) to reserve a shelf in your name. You can select a "Start Date" up to 14 days from today. The Start Date is the date when your rental starts and your stock is on your shelf ready to be sold. The 14 days gives you time to get ready! For those of you who are ready to go, then you can select a start date of tomorrow! (Note that you cannot select a Start Date beyond 14 days from today)."

Where - Kingly Court, London W1R 5LE


Link - Things British

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