Thursday 1 December 2011

Card Aid Pop-up Christmas Card Shops Around London

This one comes from the heart - if you send Christmas cards, and you want to give to charity at the same time, please buy from Card Aid shops.  Card Aid shops are run by volunteers for the Charities Advisory Trust, and pop-up in the foyers of some churches, community centres and libraries in London, and give a far higher percentage of the cover price to charity than cards bought in major retailers.  There are over 25 locations in London this year.

"Card Aid shops are open from October to December (exact dates vary). With over 30 shops, Card Aid is the largest chain of temporary Christmas card shops in London. There are also several Card Aid shops outside London (Cambridge, Oxford, Guildford, Bromley). See list below for all locations.
Our shops offer an unrivalled range of cards, together with assurance that ALL profits from the cards you are buying are going to charity.
Award winning Peace Oil is also available at our shops; shops stocking Peace Oil are marked with an asterisk below."

Link - Card Aid

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