Friday 20 January 2012

Cabaret Falafel at Gaby's Deli in Charing Cross Road

Gaby's Deli is a small restaurant that's been open in Charing Cross Road since 1965.  Landlords have given permission to the site, and that of some other businesses, to be redeveloped into a chain restaurant.  Gaby's is at 30 Charing Cross Road, just down from Leicester Square tube and Wyndham's Theatre, so you can see that it's prime real estate, but also that it provides a genuine alternative to all of the other chains that are around there.  I'd particularly recommend the salt beef!

[Sign the petition to Save Gaby's Deli here]

To help raise publicity to fight against redevelopment, Gaby's is holding a series of events in, which they've called Cabaret Falafel.  Earlier events have included Simon Callow doing a reading, and I'll keep updating this post to include the next ones as they are announced.

"On Jan 30th at 1745 gifted students of the Yehudi Menuhin School will play a classical recital for unsuspecting deli patrons. Yehudi used to eat at the Deli and his signed picture is on the wall.
Among the performers are Gabriel Ng, barely 17 and preparing for the finals of the Menuhin Competition in Beijing this spring, and Louisa Staples who is even younger and already duets with Tasmin Little.
Then on February 8th, stars from the English National Opera perform the food aria (rewritten for the occasion) from Don Giovanni and other pieces. Expect copious libretto references to chickpea balls."

When - 30th January at 17.45

Where - Gaby's Deli, 30 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0DE

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