Thursday 23 February 2012

Pop-up Prints Exhibition & Shop off Carnaby Street

This is a great opportunity to see and buy some top class prints - and do your bit for charity.  Artists include Dominic Owen (print pictured above), Oli Fowler, Jane Laurie, Charlie Hocking, Sarah Milton.

"This weekend sees the opening Pop-Up Prints, of a show of beautiful print works all being sold to raise money for the charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.
The project was initiated by Penny Webb , a London College of Communication interaction design graduate who - despite producing some lovely work herself - won’t be submitting anything for the show due to the time constraints of organising it. Oh, and training for the London Marathon.
Webb says, ‘After my mum died of cancer a year and a half ago I wanted to do something help, so drawing on my design background I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to utilise the experience I had from art school, the mass of fantastically creative people I know, and create an event to raise money for a good cause while promoting up-and-coming artists and designers.’
The project has already amassed a huge response, with more than 50 illustrators, designers and artists volunteering their work for the show. There’s a huge diversity in style and media, with all submitted pieces going in.
‘It’s just a matter of careful curation to display the work to its best effect’, says Webb. ‘The nice thing about print-based work is it’s a unanimous medium. So I’m seeing a mass of contrasting themes and techniques held together by their two dimensionality, which gives potential buyers an opportunity to pick and choose to work to their personal taste.’"

When - 25th February - 3rd March

Where - Unit 1.10 First Floor Kingly Court London W1B


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