Wednesday 18 April 2012

Pret A Diner 'Italians Do It Better' Dining Experience in Mayfair

Pret A Diner is a dining experience that last popped up back in October in the Old Vic Tunnels near Waterloo.  Now they're back, in a much more conventional location, Mayfair.

"At "The Minotaur" in October 2011, PRET A DINER showed its enigmatic face with a clash of worlds – Michelin star cuisine meets the grit of the London underground. Set in the Old Vic Tunnels, "The Minotaur" saw the PRET A DINER team transform a disused tube tunnel into a Michelin star restaurant, amid an incredible exhibition by Lazarides.
Now, a little over half a year later, in the run up to the Olympics, PRET A DINER invites you to savour the pure, bright side of life. Riding on a wave of dolce vita, we would love you to have you join us at "ITALIANS DO IT BETTER" in the inspiring grandeur of St James.
Welcome to our showcase of the origins and latest innovations in Italian cuisine. Presented by a round of Italian chefs, totaling a handsome 6 Michelin Stars, orchestrated by celebrated Chef Giorgio Locatelli, “ITALIANS DO IT BETTER” is more than meets the eye. It is also a showcase of Italian contemporary artists, curated by The Gazelli Art House, Julian Farrow of Art Sensus and Olivia Steele co-founder of Pret A Diner. In true style the performance art features a line-up of Italian live musicians, to lift your spirits at dinner."

When - 9th May - 30th June

Where - 50 St. James’s Street, London, SW1A 1JT

Pre-booking only book here


Link - Pret A Diner


  1. Oh no. Went last year to this 'Michelin starred' pop up and would have been happier at Nandos, at least there you get a proper chair, your own table and reasonable food. Minatour is less sous vide more boil in the bag.


  2. Was there last night. Absolutely the worst meal i've had in London...ever

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  4. I had dinner at the Pret-a-Dinner pop-up restaurant yesterday. I spent £117 in total with drinks and the food simply not good. The tuna pasta is the same that I cook when I have nothing left but a can of tuna in my cupboard. The rest was basic plane food lamb, a dry tuna burger and some weird gnocchi with mushy pees. Not only was I disappointed and felt bad to give so much money but I am now sick in the stomach. In other word do not go next time!!!

  5. I just loved the evening we spent there. Placed in an awesome atmosphere, and the food was simply great. Sorry for you, but I thought Niederkofler was the bomb! Hoping to make it again when Viviana Varese is in charge...

  6. What a night that was!
    I really couldn't say I share what others have written here.
    My girlfriend and I loved it.
    We had only heard about Pret from friends, but didn't know what to expect really.
    In the end, the food, the music, the art, it couldn't have been better.
    Next time, I'll remember to propose to my girlfriend…