Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Enlightenment Cafe in Waterloo

The Enlightenment Cafe is an ambitious science and immersive theatre project running between 31st May and 3rd June.  Contributors will include Quentin Cooper, Joanne Baker, Claire Benson, Stuart Clark, Kathryn Harkup, Alex Bellos, Andy Holding, and Helen Keen.  Tickets are £15 each, plus booking fees.

"The Enlightenment Café is a part science, part theatrical event which creates an interactive world for our audience. Each show has a scientific theme or subject which informs the theatrical element of the production. Throughout the audience’s time at the Enlightenment Cafe they will have the opportunity to learn or participate in scientific endeavours, and interact with characters of The Enlightenment Cafe.
Great issues are solved through Speed Debates, vocabularies are augmented by the Definitionary Drum of Delight and minds expanded by eccentric characters carrying out experiments. The Enlightenment Café is a place where the impossible is unimpossibilised and our wits are pitted in quizzes where panels of experts pontificate the most surreal scientific notions; all over our favourite inebriating potions of course.
The Enlightenment Café can work as a festival long programmed space, a standalone event or a roaming performance. The idea comes from the Enlightenment Cafes of 17th Century (also known as Penny Universities), which were established as places for like-minded people to congregate, read and debate with one another away from the debauchery of the tavern."

When - 31st May - 3rd June

(It's not particularly clear on the map, but Leake St runs between Station Approach and York Road)


Link 1 - The Enlightenment Cafe
Link 2 - LasTheatre
Link 3 - Tickets

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