Monday 7 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Pop-up Stores around London

Last week Samsung launched the new Galaxy S III and announced that one way they would be cold would be in pop-up stores (or 'Pins') around London - in effect bringing the phones to where the customers are.

"At the very tail end of its Galaxy S III event, Samsung promised one more surprise -- and what it gave us was a special retail strategy. The company will be opening Mobile Pin locations, or glass-housed pop-up stores, to help showcase its new flagship phone. We had a chance to look at examples of the stores first-hand. Those not at the launch event will get a look in the near future, with Mobile Pins appearing at several locations throughout London. The first Pins will open on May 29th, with the Pin 5 (a 5-by-5 meter indoor location) making temporary appearances at Spitalfields Market, Westfield and White City, while the 7-by-7 outdoor version (Pin 7) will pop up in the Olympic Park along with Hyde Park at a later date this year."

When - From 29th May

Where - Spitalfields & Westfield (both from 29th May), then The Olympic Park and Hyde Park.  More details here

Link - Article

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