Monday 16 July 2012

TOMSCOOPERY Pop-up Gelato Stand in London Fields

The London Fields Brewery seems to be creating its own destination area, what with the Summer Affair, and now a new Gelato Stand, TOMSCOOPERY (think Tomfoolery, with added ice cream), just a few doors down from the brewery.  It all sounds very tasty!

"The concept is to have constantly changing flavours in outrageous and often boozy choices, like Pear&Sake, Pimms&Lemonade, Black Japanese Sesame, Dark Vegan Chocolate with Chili, Pina Colada, Mojito, Nutella, Freshly Blanched Mint Chocolate Chip, Sicilian Blood Orange, Sheeps' Ricotta and Sour Cherry Ripple, Cheshire Cheese and Caramelized Black Currant, Tiramisu...  You get the idea!"

When - 1st July - 30th August

Where - The London Fields Brewery, 370 Helmsley Place, E8 3SB


Link 1 - TOMSCOOPERY on Facebook
Link 2 - TOMSCOOPERY on Twitter

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