Wednesday 5 September 2012

Backdoor Kitchen & Flavours of Spain's SupperHeroes Charity Dinner in Bermondsey

Two of the supper clubs currently taking part in Sunday Feasts collaborate later this month for a charity dinner, mixing the best of Italian and Spanish food, all for Action Against Hunger, as part of the 'SupperHeroes2012' series.

"The BackDoor kitchen has been feeding a growing number of London friends for almost a year and now joins knives and forks together with the amazing girls behind Flavours of Spain 
for a night of food and charity. 
Ana's Galician Rincon style cuisine meets Rob's Venetian Bacaro concept in order to promote and collect donations for the "Action against Hunger" charity. 
All the profits and donations from the night will go to the charity which aims to improve children's standards of nutrition. 
What do you get in change? Ana and Rob cooking, Teresa front of house and Fabio taking pictures or whatever passes by, loads of food, laughs and the most authentic Mediterrean atmosphere ever. 
*Mejillònes con Vinagreta Galiciana - Mussels dressed with a special Galician style condiment (Ana) 
*Seppe al Nero - Baby squid cooked in their own squid ink with herbs, garlic and a splash of white wine (Rob) 
* Ensalada de Boquerones - Marinated Spanish anchovy salad (Ana) 
* Insalata di Ceci e Orata - chickpea and seabream salad marinated in wine vinegar, white wine, basil and parsley (Rob) 
*Serrano y Manchego muffin - An incredible baking creation with all the flavours of Spain in a mouthful (Ana) 
*Saltimbocca alla Romana - Chicken breast, wraped in San Daniele Ham, Mature Cheddar and sage, slowly cooked in white wine (Rob) 
* Zorza - Pork marinated in homemade chorizo olive oil and paprika...extra tasty! 
*Polenta con spuntature - pork ribs slowly cooked in red wine and tomato sauce and served on a bed of Pecorino cheese and Italian herbs based warm Polenta (Rob) 
*Spanish and Italian desserts"

When - Sunday 16th September, 7pm

Where - A secret location in Bermondsey, to be revealed on booking

Cost - £35 per head, from here.  Plus please be willing to donate towards the charity on the night!

Link 1 - Supper club page
Link 2 - Backdoor Kitchen
Link 3 - Flavours of Spain

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