Thursday 6 September 2012

'Eat Your Heart Out' Cakes & Cocktails in Smithfield

I like to think that I cover some pretty unusual and interesting things on this site, but every so often something comes along that looks and sounds totally insanely good.  One such is Miss Cupcake's Eat Your Heart Out adults only cake shop, with anatomically correct cakes, and with specially designed cocktails, held in a pathology museum.  What could be better?  It's open for 3 days in late October; put it in your diaries now.

"Salutations, you fine young cake-eaters, and welcome to The Evil Cake Shop; brain, heart and spleen-child of Miss Cakehead, Freelance Creative Director and Pqrt-Time Curator of Cakes. Make yourselves comfortable, have a nosey around and get your fingers sticky as you sample some of the naughtiest wares never to grace a common bakery.
The Evil Cake Shop has been shock-chocking the innocent and not-so-innocent since 2010, when Miss Cakehead and her team of reprobate bakers fashioned the world’s first 18+ cake shop, Eat your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion (supported by Alibi PRETOX). It followed our summer event Cake Britain, a 100% edible art exhibition (supported by Tate & Lyle).
We coordinated pop ups throughout the UK, taking pride in a precise anatomical approach to cake that meant realistically filthy sugar-spun gashes of flesh, gruesome gouged-out eyes and fearsome vagina dentata. These cakes were literally to die for.
And now Eat Your Heart Out is back for 2012, more devilish and decadent than ever. Exhibits and exhibitionism will be documented for your titillation and salivation; every naughty little DD cup-cake, every dirty little tart will be blogged here to keep you a-breast of events and the ridiculously talented people we meet along the way.
Ever keen for the taste of something new, we’re also on the look-out for cake bakers who have the heart and, indeed, the stomach to bake up more sick treats. If your cakes are more carnal than carnival, please do get in touch."

"We are so excited at being able to have a bar in the Eat Your Heart Out space this year which leads me to this… A variety of disturbing medically inspired cocktails will be on sale at Miss Cakehead’s Eat Your Heart Out being held from the 26th – 29th October. Stool samples, stomach contents of a suicide victim and charred remains of a suicide bomber just some of the inspiration for the range of cocktails.
The cocktails are being created by James Dance of Loading, a Falmouth based internet cafĂ© and games arcade and go way beyond anything seen before.   For example the flavoured vodka in ‘Stomach Contents’ hasn’t been skimmed to purposefully ensure it will visibly contain the perfect teenage diet of chocolate pieces and skittles, the drink garnished with empty pill casings. A shot of absinthe on the top will be reflective of the green hue of stomach bile."

When - 26th - 28th October

Where - The Pathology Museum, 3rd Floor Robin Brook Centre (outpatients entrance), (Bart’s Hospital site), West Smithfield, London EC1M 6BQ
OK - that's pretty confusing.  What you need to do is to go to the pub The Butcher's Hook & Cleaver, 60-63 West Smithfield, EC1A 9DY, and it's the entrance to St Bart's nearest that.  

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