Tuesday 11 September 2012

Grand Marnier's pop-up Bubble Bar in Brixton

Open for September, Grand Marnier's 'bubble bar' on a roof in Brixton, serving special Grand Marnier cocktails in a special bubble.  Sounds great!

Update - there's also one in Hackney, in the Britannia bar, 360 Victoria Park Road, E9 7BT

"The giant bubble was one of the features of the launch night for the Grand Marnier Bubble Bar, which is open for the month of September and can be found on the rooftop of The Prince in Brixton. Serving Grand Marnier drinks in little red bubble glasses and with beautiful sunset views from the roof, the pop-up bar celebrates a reinvention of the classic Parisian brand and the launch of their new ‘Sunset Hour ‘long drinks. The Grand Ginger (a ginger ale and lime mix) and the Grand Esprit (elderflower and soda water with orange and strawberry garnishes) were both refreshing revamps of the 185-year-old liqueur, which is a blend of Cognac and a rare Caribbean green orange. As I noted to my friend, it is not normally a liqueur I would ever actively seek out, so creating long drinks around Grand Marnier should certainly help to make it more accessible."

When - 6th September - 30th September

Where - Grand Marnier Bubble Bar, The Brixton Clubhouse, 467 Brixton Road, Brixton, London SW9 8HH

Link 1 - Article
Link 2 - Grand Marnier on Facebook

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