Monday 29 October 2012

Guest Post - Chefs Wanted for New Space in Hackney

Bar Kino is a new bar in Morning Lane, Hackney.  It's currently being renovated, but when it opens the owners have decided to focus on the bar, and are looking for people willing to run the kitchen - see mockups below.

Dara writes:

"We were going to operate the kitchen ourselves but we've decided for the time-being anyway to concentrate on the bar side of things which leaves us with a nice sized kitchen area and nothing to go in it.

We'd like to hear from anyone who has an idea of something nice and after we've chatted with them we can come to an agreement re: rent, division of profit, etc.

The catch is that the kitchen is almost a shell and needs a bit of TLC. At the moment it's only got a new oven (which isn't hooked up to the gas...) and a sink (which isn't hooked up to the water...) so whoever takes the place will need to invest however much they think is appropriate into turning it into a workable kitchen."

If you're interested you can contact Dara by email at

You can also see the Facebook page to see their progress -

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