Sunday 18 November 2012

'The Last Supperclub' 3 Week Pop-up Restaurant in Shoreditch

The Last Supperclub is a 3 week project offering 3 different menus around a theme of the end of the world (Mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012, and #Sandy, record temperatures, our lousy summer and the global domination of One Direction notwithstanding they've not been proved right - yet)  Based in Worship Street, this promises to be quite an experience.

"Creative Agency, The Halo Group, Foodie Award Winners, Platterform, and one of East London's best-kept secret venues, The Yard, have partnered for a collaborative project to host a curated, imaginative dining experience set to run from 6th December to the 22nd December 2012.
Inspired by the looming Mayan prophecy which predicts the end of the world on 21st December 2012, the project, aptly named ‘The Last Supper Club’, will see the creative production expertise of The Halo Group collide with the gastronomic inventiveness of Platterform to create a feast for all senses.
The Halo Group's live festival build experience will be brought to the table to integrate creative production, building bespoke set design features to immerse diners into the lost world of The Last Supper Club. With many conflicting theories as to what the end of the world will entail, theming will see a journey of cultural influence as Eastern and Western culture come together for one last supper.
‘The Ark’, an exclusive area available for reservations, will offer experimental three-course dining, hosted by a different guest chef each week that will bring their imprint to The Last Supper Club, creating culinary theatre in an open kitchen environment. For guests that would rather opt for the cultural buzz of global street food, The Last Supper Club will feature a selection of apocalypse twists on Mayan inspired delicacies, historic Middle Eastern cuisine, and Dooms Day house-smoked slow cooked meats, all that will play part to extending the event experience.
Playing to their cultural interests and the many conflicting theories as to what the end of the world may entail, the collective are integrating a charity linked art auction, displaying work of local and handpicked creative artists to showcase their vision of what the end of the world has in store for humankind.
Drawing inspiration from historic flavour pairings and traditions, prophecy and forecasts of doom born of popular culture, Platterform have designed a series of 3 course menus in collaboration with a team of special guest chefs.
The three themes
Week 1: Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th December
The Salvation Menu
Seek salvation from the Final Judgment and join Noah for a divine dinner created by Platterform and guest chef Bonito Daniels. Historic Middle Eastern cuisine reworked for the last time.
Week 2: Tuesday 11th- Sunday 16th December
The Mayan Prophets Feast
Join the Mayan Prophets celebrations as an old era comes to a close and a new era begins.
Platterform and guest chef Luis Michel rework ancient Mayan recipes from Yucatan to Chiapas.
Week 3: Tuesday 18th- Friday 21st December (the end of the world)
The Doom's Day Diner
Go crazy! Its the end of the world... DJ BBQ delivers a menu of glorious, well crafted smoked & grilled Doom's Day delights for our last night of decadence."

When - 7th - 21st December

Where - The Yard, 89 and a half Worship Street, EC2A 2BF

Tickets - £35 plus fees from here

Link 1 - The Last Supperclub
Link 2 - Booking page

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