Tuesday 27 November 2012

Upstairs Downstairs Christmas Dining Experience in The City

Upstairs Downstairs is a regular event at The Dispensary Pub & Private Dining Room near Aldgate.  Held on the same night, upstairs starts with a champagne reception, while downstairs is more down to earth.  I went last month, and it was fantastic - full review to follow.  Upstairs you get a full 5 course feast served by a butler who worked at Buckingham Palace for ten years.  The food was incredible too - and this time you're getting a traditional five course Christmas dinner, with goose (Upstairs) while those downstairs will get a pie and a pint.  It'll be a very memorable night!

" One of London’s most charming pub restaurants, in the heart of London’s East End, is offering a Christmas dining experience with a big difference.
Inspired by the hit TV series and in pub’s own cosy bar and grand upstairs dining room, THE DISPENSARY is putting on a series of Upstairs & Downstairs dining events.
The Christmas special; on Wednesday 5th December are the brainchild of The Dispensary’s owner David Cambridge, who for many years was the personal chef to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, and his friend and colleague Philip Joss, senior footman at Buckingham Palace before joining David as Butler to the Rothschild family.
Says David Cambridge: “The Dispensary is a beautiful building that has always captivated my imagination; I wanted to recreate a unique dining experience based on fine dining of the 1920’s, together with Philip we have worked to bring this magical experience to modern society”.
For those who are dining Upstairs in the grand private room the evening will start with a champagne reception, followed by a five-course dinner including matching wines which will be served by uniformed butlers.
Those dining Downstairs in the pub’s cosy bar will be served a pint of traditional ale, accompanied by a pie created by David from cuts of meat which will be available on the day."

When - 14th November, then 5th December

Where - The Dispensary, 19a Leman Street, London, E1 8EN

Tickets - Upstairs £65, Downstairs £15, from info@thedispensarylondon.co.uk

Link - The Dispensary

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