Wednesday 30 January 2013

Valentine's Day at The Midnight Apothecary in Rotherhithe

The Midnight Apothocary, one of the hits of 2012, is holding a special Valentine's Day event, which includes a tour of the famous Thames Tunnel, a chilli chocolate brownie from a MasterChef winner, and a special Valentine's Cocktail.  It's pre-booking only this time, to stop it getting too busy, but after the tour you can stay and enjoy more drinks.

"All aboard the Love Train with the Midnight Apothecary!
Hold on tight for a Valentine treat with a difference - a train ride through the tunnel of love….
By kind permission of a pandering London Underground, the Thames Tunnel is floodlit for one night only.  Here was the World’s First Underwater Shopping Arcade.  Here also at the Thames Tunnel Fancy Fair were novelty acts, sword swallowers and female acrobats, and dark places where lovers might talk until morning…..
It is perhaps the most romantic of settings.  There were dinner parties and secret meetings in the Thames Tunnel, and here Brunel romanced a famous actress. 
Descend, with or without a lover, to the Grand Entrance Hall.  Listen to the secret diaries of the famous Actress who met the famous Engineer in this famous underground haunt for lovers.  Then travel with your guide on a train through the Thames Tunnel, the Tunnel of Love.
£15 buys you a hot ticket aboard London Underground’s very own love train, a reading of a love story and secret diaries in an underground chamber, a Valentine cocktail from Midnight Apothecary in the Engine Room and a beautifully wrapped chilli chocolate brownie to warm your cockles from BBC MasterChef winner Julie Friend.
Lovers should make assignations in the entrance to the Brunel Museum 7pm, 8pm or 9pm.
Lovers must book online at
Bring the greatest aphrodisiac of all: Your OYSTER card!
Tour takes an hour.  After your exquisite free cocktail from the Midnight Apothecary, a cash bar is available throughout the evening in the Engine Room at the Brunel Museum."

When - Thursday 14th February at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm

Where - Brunel Museum, Railway Avenue, SE16 4LF

Tickets - £15 in advance only from here

Link 1 - The Brunel Museum
Link 2 - The Brunel Museum on Twitter
Link 3 - The Cocktail Gardener

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