Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cooking with Rowley at Le Cafe Anglais in Bayswater

File under 'not a pop-up' - Le Cafe Anglais is a long-standing and very successful restaurant - but it is very noteworthy because it's a great way to taste the cooking of some great chefs away from their own kitchens.  Four chefs have been announced so far - Skye Gyngell, Allegra McEvedy, Thomasina Miers, and Rick Stein

"Several of Britain’s most prominent chefs and food writers are joining Rowley Leigh (pictured) in his kitchen at Le Café Anglais for ‘Cooking with Rowley’ - a series of one-off, collaborative dinners.
Following on from the success of Cooking with Rowley in 2012, 2013 brings more dates with prominent chefs and food writers. These will include Rose Prince (food writer, author and columnist for the Daily Telegraph), Skye Gyngell (Culinary Director at Heckfield Place), Allegra McEvedy (Chef, broadcaster and food writer), Thomasina Miers (Founder of Wahaca and cookery writer) and Rick Stein (Chef, restaurateur and food writer). 
Each menu will be unique, with Rowley and each guest chef working together to design a dinner that reflects both their cooking styles, backgrounds and passions."

When - 20th March (Skye), 14th May (Allegra), 19th Sept (Miers) - Rick S is TBC

Where - Le Café Anglais, 8 Porchester Gardens, London W2 4DB

Cost - £75 each - from

Link - Le Cafe Anglais

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