Saturday 30 March 2013

'A Game of Imagination' exhibition in Knightsbridge

Russian artist Veronika Olkhova is holding her first British solo exhibition at Baku in Knightsbridge from 11th - 19th April.  The exhibition will highlight her paintings and silks.

"A Game of Imagination the first UK solo exhibition of the work of Russian born British based creative.
The show is an encounter with the artist’s interest for symbols, colors and imagination - their significance versus their signifier as well as their visual impact and the endless possibilities that such a game opens.
Veronika Olkhova grew up in a lifelong interest in the mythology and languages. She read ancient text, imagining being a part of that mysterious world. As she learned more, her creative mind and soul tried to depict her ideas on canvas.
The fusion of myths, music and colours intrigued the young spirit and as Veronika grew up, it was clear these ideas could only be expressed through art. In the artist’s world shapes, colors, words, symbols and feelings melt harmoniously to create timeless expression of creativity and beauty.
In the exquisite setting of Baku Knightsbridge a series of paintings, silks and beyond by the Russian creative will invite you to take part in a journey for the senses into the mystical world of symbols, history of languages, emotions, music and feelings.
The everlasting allure of the works gently unfold to the viewer, presenting each time details the eye couldn’t capture previously – stillness in movement that narrates an ongoing tale.
And when a work and the viewer become one, Veronika’s work becomes an eye to spot new things and a mind to create its dreams and connections. Enchanting beauty lays in each unique story, created by the viewer’s game of imagination in a the magical world of ALANRA…"

When - 11th - 19th April, noon - 4pm

Where - Baku, 164-165 Sloane Street, SW1X 9QB

Link - Alanra

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