Wednesday 13 March 2013

Darjeeling Express' Calcutta Pop-up lunch at The Cinnamon Club

I met Asma from Darjeeling Express a few months ago at one of Edible Experiences' events, and after that she got in touch to ask me to feature a very special event she's hosting - a Saturday special lunch at The Cinnamon Club.  See below for full description and mouth-watering menu!

"One afternoon. One cook. One city of many cuisines and many stories. Many memories that remain with you for life.
From Persian nobility to the British military, the food heritage of Calcutta is a confluence of myriad food cultures and flavours. Embark on an incredible edible journey with Darjeeling Express in the private dining room at The Cinnamon Club, discovering the city’s authentic cuisine transplanted to this stunning London venue.
The setting provides an atmospheric background in which to savour dishes proudly rooted in centuries of traceable heritage. Calcutta’s food is as unique and vibrant as the city herself – a metropolis born from trading villages around the bustling port along the Hooghly River. Each and every traveller and trader community left their legacy in the form of a distinct culinary footprint.
Historically, Bengal has a unique way of recording and telling stories. Since the
15th century, Baul singers’ songs and style have amalgamated Sufi Islam, Tantra,
Buddhism and Vaishnavism. The traditional and exquisite hand-woven Balachuri
saree’s origins lie in a collaboration between the silk weavers of Murshidabad
and the then-ruler of the principality, Khan Murshid Quli. The border of this saree
narrates the legendary stories contained within the Mahabharata.
This afternoon, I am attempting to weave Calcutta’s complex and fascinating story
through my food, and hope you will join me to learn her tale.
Canapés with Rosé or Nimbu Pani
*Potato and Peas Samosas
*Chicken Seekh Kabab
*Salmon and Dill Fish Cakes
*Black Tail Tiger Prawn in a Glass
*Okra Boats (Vegetarian)
*Steamed Nepali Momo with Green Himalayan Chutney
Vegetable Momo (Vegetarian)
*Papri Chaat
*Tengri Kabab
Baigan Bhajja- Aubergine Pakora (Vegetarian)
*Sirka gosht
Bengali Niramish (Vegetarian)
*Chicken Chaap
Channa Dal (Vegetarian)
*Bengali Fish Malai Curry
Paneer Malai Curry (Vegetarian)
*Aloo Dam
The Rice Finale
*Calcutta Mutton Biryani
Vegetable Pallau (Vegetarian)
*Cucumber Raita
*Darjeeling Express’s signature tomato, apricot and prune chutney
*Bhappa Doi
Steamed Bengali yogurt
*Fruit Chaat
Selection of fruits marinated in Himalayan rock salt, lime juice and brown sugar
A special wine selection is being prepared for this event by the Cinnamon Club
sommelier and drinks can be purchased from that list.
Tea flight courtesy of LALANI & CO. Taste an exclusive selection of boutique single
Estate teas from India. The tea will be prepared by the Lalani brothers who will talk
about the teas as they are served in between the meal.
Fine long grain Basmati Rice used for the biryani has been sponsored by GREEN
SAFFRON SPICE COMPANY, a family based company in county Cork in Ireland.
Their aged basmati rice is cultivated at the foothills of the Himalayas."

When - Saturday 27th April 2013 from 12 noon to 3pm

Where - The Cinnamon Club, The Old Westminster Library, 30-32 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BU

Tickets - £55 from here


Link 1 - Darjeeling Express
Link 2 - Booking on Edible Experiences

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