Friday 15 March 2013

Greek Meze's Lenten Feast in Hackney

Greek Meze are back on Sunday 24th with a special Lenten Feast.  It's only a one day event this time, but with two sittings, for an early or late lunch.

"Next Monday, most Greeks will go up a hill with a kite and a picnic basket full of fasting foods to celebrate the start of Lent and arrival of spring. It looks like spring will come a bit later here, so hope you can join us on Sunday 24th March to share a great Lenten Feast. 
Without a hill and the guarantee of Greek sunshine we have opted for the ubiquitous charm of a Hackney warehouse. 
We do however promise a true Orthodox Lenten feast. Expect a great array of salads and shellfish.. . 
There is a choice of a 12.30 or 16.30 seating.
You are welcome to BYOB but we will also have a bar with excellent Greek wines and beer.

Λαγάνα | Lagana, the traditional Clean Monday loaf
Σαλικγάρια θαλασσινά | Winkles 
Μύδια ντολμά | Stuffed mussels
Παντζάρια | Beetroot salad
Μαρουλοσαλάτα | Lettuce salad
Ρεγγοσαλάτα | Smoked herring roe taramosalata
Μαυρομάτικα | Black-eyed peas with kale
Σουπιά | Cuttlefish
Κουκιά | Broad bean puree
Ντολμαδάκια απο οξαλίδα | Sorrel dolmadakia
Χορτόπιτα | Spanakopita with wild greens
Χταπόδι κοκκινιστό | Octopus stew
Πατατοσαλάτα | Potato salad
Αγκιναροσαλάτα | Artichoke salad
Χαλβάς | Halva
Λουκουμάδες | Fried dough-balls in honey"

When - Sunday 24th March at 12.30 or 16.30

Where - Unit Gi - Enterprise House, 2 Tudor Grove, London, E9 7QL

Tickets - £26 from Grub Club here


Link 1 - Event on Grub Club
Link 2 - Studio Gi

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