Monday 11 March 2013

Mother Clucker's Free Range Fried Chicken at The Endurance in Soho

A new residency at The Endurance is always to be welcomed, and it's just been announced that Mother Clucker will be appearing from 18th March to serve their own brand of fried chicken.  It's also worth noting that they're not just any chickens, they're from Fosse Meadows, where the chickens roam as a herd, and are about as free range as you can get.  Recommended!

"Mother Clucker confirms that it will be bringing its mouthwatering, taste-tantalising, authentic fried chicken to the heart of Soho from 18th March until 28th April. Traditional boozer, The Endurance will be a-cluck with lovingly prepared free-range fried chicken from the Mother Clucker team for six weeks. 
The Mother Clucker Endurance kitchen will be serving up mouthwatering traditional Southern, twice fried, free-range chicken, marinated in a sweet tea brine for over 12 hours, coated in buttermilk and a secret blend of spices. Served along with buttermilk biscuits and a myriad of hot sauces from around the world including a few of their very own. 
Forget poor quality, fast food impostors, combining first hand knowledge of Southern American food with free-range, quality produce, this is chicken as it was meant to be and it's clucking amazing."

When - 18th March - 28th April

Where - The Endurance, 90, Berwick Street, W1F 0QB

Link 1 - Mother Clucker on Facebook
Link 2 - The Endurance

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