Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Russian Revels' 1920s NEP Jazz Night in Belgravia

After a successful night in February Russian Revels are back with a 'soiree' in St James involving nibbles, drink and jazz.  Dress up!

"Dear friends, 
'Eat your pineapples,
Chew your grouse,
Your last day is coming,
You bourgeois louse!'
-Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1913
On 19 March we are continuing a series of soirees at the exquisite St James's theatre that will combine our gastronomical flair with a party, good music and an opportunity to dress up.
We begin with the heady days of NEP (New Economic Policy) in 1920s Soviet Russia – a unique period of intoxicating liberty in arts, commerce and fashion.
Think flapper girls with ethereal dresses, macho hats and revolutionary spirit, lads with crooked looks, lacquered shoes and proletariat poems - the bohemian mascarade before the storm of the darker days…
As always, we will be serving little home-made delights for you to nibble on, such as Mayakovsky (iconic Soviet poet!) inspired hazel grouse and pineapple canapes, oladushki (fluffy pancakes) with bloody red beetroot caviar and others such!
A jazz band playing our selection of suitably debauched tunes, waiters in flouncy ties and tight suits, writing of poetry in shady corners will await."

When - 19th March

Where - 12 Palace St, SW1E 5JA

Tickets - £20 from here

Link - Russian Revels

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