Friday 22 March 2013

'Spring Bounty' Art Dinner at Debut Contemporary with the Italian Supper Club in Notting Hill

After a successful event last month Debut Contemporary have teamed up with Italian Supper Club for another special dinner at their gallery in Notting Hill.

"Debut Contemporary invites you to The Art Dinner event at our gallery space. Tickets at £75 per person include a full 4 course meal, welcome cocktails and wine. 
The March dinner, in collaboration with Italian Supper Club, Tikves wine, Floral Symphonies & FAIR Spirits, includes the company of six Debut Artists and brings awareness to the global campaign, Peace One Day. Debut Artist Akiko Ono will do a live dance performance on the evening. 
Guests receive an inspired evening, specially curated with a colourful menu, tasters of live art performance and always a warm inviting atmosphere. The Art Dinner offers the chance to experience art as a lifestyle, and to be part of something brilliant and unforgettable...
"It was a truly memorable evening, and one that did much to remind why art is such an important part of all our lives. It was fascinating to meet all the subjects, and will certainly do much to engender confidence in both the artists and prospective patrons" - Harry Hughes, Quintessentially"

When - Wednesday 27th March

Where - DEBUT CONTEMPORARY, 82 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RT

Tickets - £75 per head from here


Link 1 - Debut Contemporary
Link 2 - Tickets
Link 3 - Debut Contemporary on Twitter
Link 4 - Italian Supper Club

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