Friday 8 March 2013

The Mussel Men's 2 Day Pop-up in Kensal Rise

The Mussel Men (previously) pop-up at The Shop in Kensal Rise for two days of mussels, skinny fries, Prosecco and waffles.

"The Mussel Men is a fun and energetic pop up with a twist. Serving up scrummy Shetland mussels they've teamed up with wine experts Selezione Zanotto to create moules and prosecco heaven. Served along with oysters, salads and cocktails they'll also challenge you all to a true show of strength...thumb wars to the death! Competing against the mighty Captain Bob, you can walk away with not only pride but a fine Mussel Men t-shirts as a reward for victory. Be warned Captain Bob is a fierce veteran of the thumb war world and has been some seadog skills up his sleeve!
The £35 deal includes:
1 kilo pot Shetland Mussels 
Skinny frites 
Bottle of Prosecco 
Waffle, ice cream and choc sauce to share"

When - Weds 20th - Thurs 21st March

Where - 75 Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise, NW10 3ND

Tickets - £35 from here

Link 1 - The Mussel Men
Link 2 - Ticket page
Link 3 - Twitter
Link 4 - Facebook

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