Saturday 2 March 2013

Yasemen Kaner-White's Pop-up Restaurants at The Soho Kitchen

Update - Dates in April and May are now not happening

Chef Yasemen Kaner-White is publicising the launch of her cook book with three supper clubs at The Soho Kitchen in D'Arblay Street.  Each time it's the second Thursday of the month (March - May), and each time it's a different cuisine.  In order: North Cyprus, Singapore and South Africa.

"Yasemen Kaner-White with her inquisitive and international spirit, thrives on diversity. Her English/Cypriot heritage and passion for travel, fosters her love of global cuisine and her insatiable curiosity for the stories that give rise to recipes. Yasemen relishes expanding her understanding of various cultures, paradigms and especially unique tastebuds! Oozing energy and ever eloquent, Yasemen takes pleasure in presenting her experiences in a fun, creative and accessible way. 
With a media background, including T.V and radio presenting, always with a cooking slant, she will host her pop-up restaurants on the second Thursday of every month. As her pop-up guest, expect to learn about the country in question from someone in the know, with a guest speaker and/or demonstration, indulge in an exquisite indigenous banquet, take away a copy of the menu and an exclusive recipe, just for you.
Focussing on a different country each month, Yasemen will showcase a selection of recipes from her soon-to-be-published book, Lemon Compendium: A comprehensive and gorgeous guide on everything there is to know about lemons, including an array of global ‘lemonlicious’ recipes."

When - Thursdays - 14th March, 11th April, 9th May

Where - Venue: Soho Kitchen Club, 34-35, 2nd floor, D’Arblay St. London W1F 8EY

Tickets - £35 + fees from here


Link 1 - Soho Kitchen Club - including menus
Link 2 - Booking page
Link 3 - Lemon Compendium on Amazon

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