Sunday 28 April 2013

M1lk in collaboration with chef Damian Wawrzyniak present 'Urami' or 'A Last Supper' in Balham

M1lk, a bar in Balham, has teamed up with chef Damien Wawrzyniak, who was recently at Noma in Copenhagen to create a special 8 course feast on Saturday 11th May, themed around the Shinto principle of 'urami'.  The evening will be 'bloody, communal food filth' - sounds like a very special event!

"Damian is a hugely talented Chef who came on board with M1LK's development team early this year. His CV is a string of positions in some of Europe's best kitchen's most recently the 2 Michelin* Noma in copenhagen where he worked under Rene Redzepi. During his time in the Noma kitchen and Food Lab he began working with cultures and fermentation and since then has been experimenting with bacterias and ageing in M1LK's development kitchen. 
"Its a one off pop up supper from M1LK and Noma's Damian Wawrzyniak. Its an 8 course supper based on the shinto creation stories and is an exploration of fermentation, death, decay. The food will be inspired by the shinto principle of 'urami'. Urami basically means 'grudge' and is used to describe the echo that shame/evil/violence leaves. It is a hugely potent idea in the Shinto philosophy. The meal will be gruesome, delicious and visceral. (think sousvide whole pigs head that you pull apart with knives, 3 month aged beef seared w pine needles on hot granite rocks at the table, fermented vegetable ice cream and black miso toffee"
These 8 courses will be paired with wines curated by our mates at the Wine Shop and will include a lot of their wines.
"The Wine Shop have curated an impressive list of incredibly natural wines from really unusual vineyards from around the world. Wine will contain really wild sediments and unique flavours to match the boldnes of the flavours in the dishes. An example one in particular called Some Young Punks is one the cafe owners Julians favourite boutique wine from Melbourne. Really hard to find here in the Uk but Julia has ordered in especially for this event."
The evening will be bloody, communal food filth. There will be flashing images of 1940's black and white japanese cinema projected on the walls, brash unapologetic wine and enough glitchy electro to make the Knife look like a taylor swift tribute band. (Damian used to dj rave nights in Germany in the 90's while he was working in his first michelin kitchen)
The supper will be 8 courses w matching liquids presented by Chef Damian and his team."

When - Saturday 11th May


Tickets - £60 + fees from here Tickets are being released a few at a time


Link 1 - Eventbrite
Link 2 - M1lk

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