Sunday 12 May 2013

The Artist Dining Room Presents A 'David Lynch' Supper Club near Broadway Market

Guest Projects and Matthew Phelps of Funthyme Dining are back with another dinner aiming to celebrate artists through the medium of food.  Having held one around the work of William Burroughs, and one for Louise Bourgois in June it is the turn of David Lynch.  There's even a very strange twist on Cherry Pie...

"Yinka Shonibare MBE's project space Guest Projects and chef Matthew Phelps of Funthyme Dining and Events have joined creative forces to hold a series of sensory tingling supper clubs which will be much more than just a feast for the palate, but for the eyes, ears, imagination and beyond.

The Artist Dining Room supper club at Guest Projects opens a space where creative minds can engage with the ideas of a well known artist through food. Chef Matthew Phelps of Funthyme Dining & Events will create a tailor made menu exploring the fundamental, social and intellectual content of the artists work, through the meal.

During the transitions of Spring to Summer, The Artist Dining Room will host an evening inspired by the multi-faceted surreal realm of artist, director, musician and Eagle Scout, David Lynch. Through a carefully crafted menu, installations and performance, suave Lynchian cabaret mastermind Benjamin Louche is guest host for the occasion.

Waldo’s Lament
Savoury doughnuts with smoked pigeon ragu and chilli sauce
Savoury doughnuts with smoked aubergine ragu and chilli sauce (v)

Henry’s (Ir)regular Chicken
Roast Poussin with spiced quinoa and ‘grandmother’s fingers’
‘I’m Not an Animal’ (v)
Aubergine ‘log’ stuffed with quinoa, ‘grandmother’s fingers’, feta and soft herbs

Cherry Pie and Coffee Backwards
Coffee cake with cherry milkshake"

When - Thursday 6th June

Where - Shonibare Studio & Guest Projects, Sunbury House, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL

Cost - £36.50 from here

Link 1 - The Artist Dining Room
Link 2 - Guest Projects

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