Friday 21 June 2013

'I Like Your Work' Pop-up Art Exhibition in Holborn

I Like Your Work is a 3 day exhibition of the work of Irish artist John F O'Connell, taking place near Holborn at the end of June, also to promote the launch of the art ecommerce site of the same name.

"‘I Like Your Work’ came in to being on a Friday in late April 2013 after a visit home to Ireland by OCO Design founder, Carolyn O’Connell. OCO is a design consultancy based in London who provide branding, graphic design and art direction services for a range of clients.
Carolyn’s father, John F. O’Connell (born 1935) is a renowned Belfast-based artist. His style is focused on the exploration and interaction of fractured light and colour. The idiom remains figurative and encompasses landscape, still-life and the nude. Over the last few years, He has amassed a large body of unseen work that is crying out to be viewed beyond the confines of his studio. 
With typical artistic temperament, John was a little reluctant to continue to promote his work and wary of the stress of organising an exhibition. Daughter Carolyn realised what a shame this would be and decided to help him out, proposing a pop-up show in London. A mini retrospective of sorts and a chance for a wider audience to see, and have the chance to invest in, fresh John F O’Connell originals. 
Carolyn and partner Dani were fortunate enough to be introduced to Jo Djavadi and Ben Lynch, who generously offered the use of their gallery space - in 2 Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LQ, for the last weekend in June.
In conjunction with the pop-up exhibition Carolyn and Dani will launch an e-commerce site which will allow people to purchase works after the pop-up has closed.
The focus and aim of ‘’ going forward is to forecast and promote upcoming designers and artists from around the world. A site where choices in art, food, fashion, music, lifestyle and design are constantly being made by the visitor. Key to its DNA is accessibility to great work at an affordable price point. 
The hope is that this pop-up will be one of many going forward."

When - Friday 28th June and Saturday 29th 10-5pm
Preview Thursday 27th between 6-8pm

Where -  12 Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LQ


Link - I Like Your Work

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