Monday 22 July 2013

'Wine on The Roof' Saturday Wine Tasting & Lunch near Aldgate

Wine on the Roof is a weekly rooftop Saturday wine tasting event near Aldgate, organised by Wines by Simon.  Tasting starts at 12 noon, followed by a lunch, and the roof stays open until 6pm.  I can certainly think of far worse ways of spending your Saturday!

Forthcoming events:
"Saturday July 27: Wine Silliness; Summer wines you've never heard of
Why does Torrontes have such a great view?
Can you get bitten by Grolleau?
Is Bastardo really a grape?
Wacky and weird wines from around the world that work wonderfully with Summer.
Open your mind!

Saturday August 3: Old World Versus New World
Where do the world’s finest wines come from?
Europe with their history and experience or can the upstarts of the New World compete?
From France to Australia, Italy to the USA, let’s see what you think.

Saturday August 10: The Next Big Thing; Wine trends on the rise
Once it was Chardonnay, now there's the ABC club!
Then came New Zealand with their Sauvignon Blanc.
But what next?
From Albarino to Gruner Veltliner, come and have a look at the next big thing.

Saturday August 17: Pretty in Pink; Rose on the Roof
It's the middle of Summer and, without a doubt, the perfect time of the year to embrace the pink.
But where do we look?
Provence in France?
South America?
From pale blush to deep purple, this one is all about the pink."

When - Saturdays, with tasting at 12pm, lunch at 2pm, and potentially continuing until 6pm

Where - 40 Commercial St, London, Greater London E1 6LP

Tickets - £35 + fees from here


Link - Wines by Simon

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