Saturday 3 August 2013

Camden Town Brewery's Saturday Tank Party

Update - The Tank Party is back for 2014, on Saturday 23rd August

It's good to have some kind of feature that people will remember, and distinguish you from other events... Camden Town Brewery have certainly done that with their Tank Party - a bloody great tank filled with 12,000 litres of beer straight from the brewery, on Saturday 24th August.  I suspect that the diving board is a bit of artistic licence, though, but you clearly *need* to attend to find out...  There are no tickets, but I suspect this one is going to be very busy!

"On Saturday 24 August we're holding a Tank Party. Outside the brewery we have six 12,000 litre tanks all  filled with beer and on the 24th we're attaching a tap to one of them and we're going to sell Unfiltered Hells Lager directly from that tank - it'll be the freshest beer in town (and some of the coldest - those tanks are 0C in side!). There will also be lots of street food outside in a pop-up beer garden along the street beside the brewery."

When - Saturday 24th August 2013, 12pm - 8pm

Where - Camden Town Brewery, 55-59 Wilkin Street Mews, NW5 3NN


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