Thursday 29 August 2013

Roots & Culture Tuesday Supper Clubs at Skyroom near London Bridge

Roots & Culture is a new weekly supper club from chef Chris Slaughter (ex Pig & Butcher) with a vegetable-driven tasting menu, with vegetables grown exclusive for each event by master grower Ken Holland (Simon Rogans veg adviser and grower), that will be running in Skyroom near London Bridge on Tuesday evenings.  Note that while it's 'veg-driven' it's not vegetarian.  See the menu here

"Roots and Culture supper club is a collaboration between myself the chef Chris Slaughter and master grower Ken Holand, the simple idea is that Ken picks the best of his produce, sends it down to London overnight I then compile a 8 course tasting menu – a totally unique dining concept in the heart of London.
I will also be cherry picking some great produce from small eccentric producers and in the honour of the great British folklore food writers blogging about what I find.
Ken’s unique produce will create the backbone to the menu with the addition of ultra fresh fish couriered direct from Cornish dayboats; very carefully sourced meat will be used just as a catalyst to harmonise flavors and to give depth. Wild meats will be used in season and foraged produce when I can (firm believer if you use foraged produce you get it yourself, that is the point) Each week I will post a rundown of produce what to expect but the menu will be finalised on the day as I am leaving it up to our proud suppliers to send the best they have on that morning.  I have kept the equipment in the kitchen low-fi, just to stop cheffy needs to mess with mother nature to much, salt and spicing will be used only as needed, as I don’t want to get in the way of the natural delicate flavours.
I have a very natural approach cooking, I like to gently enhance the natural flavors not mask with to many herbs and butter. I feel with fish and vegetables each hour that goes by from picking or landing you are losing vital flavours. With the roots and culture concept I am trying to emulate what I truly believe in; back to basics cooking with ultra fresh, well farmed and interesting produce."

When - Tuesday evenings from 3rd September

Where - The Skyroom, Fifth floor, Magdalen House, 136-148 Tooley Street, SE1 2TU

Tickets - £30, which you pay on the night (card or cash).  Book here to attend


Link 1 - Roots & Culture
Link 2 - This week's Menu

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