Sunday 29 September 2013

Gingerline's Secret Suppers in November & December 2013 in East London

Gingerline, one of London's most secretive and mysterious supper clubs, has announced a new series of dates for November 2013.  It's all based around The Ginger Line, aka The London Overground (East London section), so you only get the name of the station to meet at an hour before the event.  Tickets go on sale on Monday 30th September, and they're going to go like #HotCakes

"Gingerline, the pioneers of underground immersive dining, are offering the capital's most daring diners and fun-seekers the chance to be transported to a parallel-reality where cutting-edge food, art, performance and festivities collide. Taking place at a top-secret location on the East London Line, revealed to guests just 60 minutes before the event begins, the only thing Gingerline guests can expect is the unexpected. 
For their last project, Gingerline HQ, 10,000 intrepid diners crossed the threshold during the last 8-month sell-out run, each buying a ticket without knowing a single detail about where or what the experience would entail and, once back in reality, no-one broke the Gingerline Code of total secrecy. Now Gingerline is taking immersive dining to the next level with its most exciting and ambitious event to date – The Hideout – and it is inviting your readers to join them on this new riotous odyssey. 
Founded by three years ago by Suz Mountfort & Kerry Adamson (two adventure-loving food fanatics) as an experimental pop-up art and food project, Gingerline has cavorted and cartwheeled through nine different ventures. Gingerline set the trend in motion, and continues to be the Gold Standard – or should that be Ginger Standard – for London's alternative dining scene. Its high-quality creative concoctions have drawn comparisons with Punch Drunk and You Me Bum Bum Train, but with delicious four-course feasting, a welcome drink, menu keepsake and an extraordinary night of revels and revelations to boot. 
Tickets will go on sale via their website at 9am on September 30th for The Hideout adventure commencing in November 2013. Tickets will cost £50 for Wednesdays and Thursdays, and £55 for Friday and Saturday evenings.  Please note that previous events have sold out at lightening speed, so your readers are advised to book early to avoid missing out. The event will run throughout November and December 2013. A small number of advanced bookings are available for groups of 20+. Further details are available by contacting 
Take a jaunt on the Gingerline: Gingerline is powered by innovation and runs on the rails of secrecy: on the night guests receive a text message inviting them to one of the stations along the East London Line (increasingly known as the Gingerline), 60 minutes before the event begins. This prosaic text is your gentle introduction to the extraordinary journey ahead. From the station guests are guided to an unusual, top-secret location. Gingerline's revels always include a welcome drink and four-course fine dining banquet – but all else will remain beyond the realms of prediction. "

When - Wednesdays - Saturdays in November & December 2013

Where - It's a secret - until an hour before

Tickets - £50 for Weds & Thurs, and £55 for Fri & Sat from here from 9am on 30th September

Link 1 - Gingerline
Link 2 - Twitter

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