Sunday 17 November 2013

Ben Spalding's 'NO RULES' Dinners in Shoreditch

Ben Spalding is back with a new concept called NO RULES - diners bring along two ingredients, their favourite and least favourite, and Ben and his team prepare and cook all of the food just a few feet from the diners.  It sounds like an amazing 'chef's table' style experience and it's happening after hours at a coffee shop in Shoreditch, over five nights in the run up to Christmas.  It's not cheap, but you'll definitely get what you pay for.

"We are on the table just a few feet from you, we prepare, create & cook the entire menu on the spot in front of you, it is almost like being able to sit on a busy chef's section in a restaurant & watch them prepare everything. It’s the ultimate eating experience with complete honesty & trust from the guest to me & me to the guest which I believe will break new ground in eating food.
Although it’s called NO RULES there are three RULES.
1. There is no menu. To push the experience further & make things a little more interesting, we ask you to bring your favorite ingredient & your least favorite ingredient, we can’t know about them in advance and they do not have to be expensive, something simple and humble usually is best. The ingredient must be something that is actually edible or can be used to flavour something, possibly something that means something to you or your origin or background, we politely ask that nothing like ‘tripe’ is brought as this can take several days to prepare!
2. We must serve both ingredients that all the guests bring during some point in the meal.
3. What ever we cook during a No Rules meal must most importantly be delicious- this is the one rule that must NEVER be forgotten, as all the smoke and mirrors in the world mean nothing if the key thing is overlooked, the enjoyment of the food."

When - 19th & 30th November, 7th, 14th & 20th December 7:30pm - late

Where - Allpress Espresso, 58 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, E2 7DP

Tickets - £80 from Billetto here


Link - Tickets page

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