Sunday 15 December 2013

Lemonade & Laughing Gas' Christmas Feast and Experience in Shoreditch

Lemonade & Laughing Gas organise very theatrical foodie events, and next week they're back for 4 nights at The Rag Factory in Shoreditch.  Monday and Tuesday are experience only, and cost £10 per head, and Thursday and Friday are full feasts at £45 per head - full details below:

"This Christmas, bypass the annual Panto/ [insert typical cringey festive cop-out], and come with us. For 6 glorious nights we’ll be installing ourselves in a very special old factory just off Brick Lane, East London, to bring you an all-encompassing evening for those into the quirky, unique, surreal. A mix of immersive theatre, visual and sonic treats, funny people, and surprising encounters, all topped off with 3 course festive Victorian-themed sumptuous feast designed by Francois Bonn who has worked in many high profile and Michelin-starred kitchens, and amazing drinks by genius mixologist Alex Orwin, formerly of The Rushmore Group.
What to expect...
Every L&LG event is unique - our ideas for the performance and artwork are created from scratch and respond to the spaces our events fill. We pride ourselves on creating unexpected and quirky environments that stimulate your senses. The look, smell, touch and feel of our events are incredibly important to us- giving you an experience that is extra-ordinary, curious and playful; that encourages you to explore. This is what ‘immersive’ means to us. To create a total event we add to this delicious food and drink to fuel your adventures - but we promise never to encroach upon your eating and drinking time.
As for what you might expect to encounter in the corridors, rooms and booths of this event - we can’t tell you much as it would ruin the surprise, but here are a few hints to give you a sense of what might be in store:
find your way through a forest of xmas jumpers,
expect an epiphany in a pound shop,
discover the true meaning of advent in a strange dream-like cleansing encounter,
an interaction with a familiar bearded man who has lost his way,
stumble upon a timeless Working Men’s Club to sing karaoke or play a round of bingo,
discover a miniature Shameless-inspired domestic happening in a doll’s house,
unleash your inner Tony Hart and create some xmas decorations for a growing installation…
...or just sit back and take it all in. As well as all this there will be main performances happening in the dining room, a xmas themed photobooth, and an L&LG Xmas Curiosity Shop where you can source quirky last minute presents."

When - Monday 16th & Tues 17th - Experience only
Thurs 29th & Fri 20th - Feast

Where - The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St  London E1 5LJ

Cost - £10 for Mon and Tues, and £45 for Thurs & Fri both + fees from Brown Paper Tickets here

Link - Tickets page

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