Sunday 8 December 2013

The Manhattans Project Thursday Night Cocktail Bar in Hackney

Manhattans Project is the cunning name for a new regular Thursday night cocktail bar at Bohemia near Hackney Central.  (The Manhattan Project was the research programme that led to the development of the atomic bomb).  At Bohemia The Manhattans project will serve roughly six cocktails each Thursday, with the selection changing each week.

"We like our drinks strong, our lighting low and our seating comfortable. Speakeasy-style is one way to put it, but we don’t like passwords or pretension; we’re about relaxed table service and drinks that showcase clever modern producers and forgotten elixirs. Many classic cocktails were conceived to mask bootlegger-quality booze, so we’ve tweaked and cajoled our recipes to make the most of contemporary spirits, adding in a touch of humour and a nod to tradition.
Loosen a long day by letting us stir, shake or build you something that hits the spot. Work through our rotating menu of re-imagined classics and straight up drinks, or tell us what you like and we’ll fix you something to your tastes. Just don’t ask for a mojito…"

When - Every Thursday Night from 14th November - February 20th, 6pm - 12pm

Where - Bohemia, 2 Bohemia Place, E8 1DU


Link - Manhattans Project

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