Thursday 16 January 2014

The 'We Don't Spit' January Wine Tasting in Shoreditch

We Don't Spit is a new company that organises fun wine tastings.  As they say, they don't spit, and as well as telling you about the wine you're tasting, they encourage you to drink it too.  Their next event is on Wednesday 29th January, promises to be a fun night, and costs just £40.

"London's greatest wine club is back! We Don't Spit’s second event will be on 29th in Shoreditch. 
Too many wine tastings are dull affairs: silent, white rooms filled with serious, suited folk sniffing, sucking and then spitting before droning on about body and acidity. We Don't Spit is wine tasting done differently. We believe wine is best drunk with friends, food and music in a relaxing place. Wine is to be tried not taught. The only stuff we’ll ram down your throats will be the wine itself. We aim to find interesting venues across London, be it a wine cellar, a museum or an old factory. As well as our own events and courses, we will do private parties, corporate jollies and festivals – anywhere someone wants a decent glass of wine.
We Don't Spit will be trying again in a unique airy, space in Shoreditch, which must remain a secret to all but those coming. What will be trying? To help people learn a little bit about wine whilst having a fun, night out. Our first attempt in November was hugely appreciated by the few people who could remember it the next day, but no one learnt much about wine. This time will be different. We're going to talk to people when they're sober. Our theme will be restaurants. If you're thinking of taking your boss to dinner to secure that new position, we will ensure you don't get ripped off by the cunning wine list and make ordering that wine as smooth as your hairstyle. 
We will taste 10 delicious wines and the chef will strut his stuff in the kitchen and hopefully produce some grub as well. Start time is 7.30pm for 8.00pm and Tickets are £40 each, Ticket numbers are limited (Elf & Safety) and are on a first come first served basis and will not be available on the night. 
(It's not a clever, marketing thing, but a silly, licensing thing)."

When - Wednesday 29th January @ 7.30pm

Where - A secret location in E2

Tickets - £40 from here


Link - We Don't Spit

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