Tuesday 11 February 2014

The 'Flavour Expats' Supper Club Season at Palm2 in Clapton

This March and April a season of dinners is taking place pairing different sets of supper clubs hosts to create seven amazing nights.  Created by Backdoor Kitchen and some of their friends, each night features two supper clubs with different backgrounds, origins and cuisines, cooking a selection of dishes.  It'll be great for people who want to get a taste of the vibrant supper club scene, and also people who already have their own favourite hosts, but want to see them in a new setting.  Don't miss out!

"They are amongst us, they look exactly like us, you might even work next to them but at night, when kitchen closes, they sneak in through the backdoor and fire up for some of the most interesting food in London. Meet the "Flavour Expats" as the chef behind popular Backdoor Kitchen Italian supperclub, Rob Cenciarelli, gathers upstairs at Hackney based iconic Palm2 Deli some of the most talented chefs in the supperclub for a spectacular culinary challenge.
14 chefs from the East and the West of the world, 7 nights, 2 teams and the one only chance to try the food of two countries yet at the same table. This adventurous journey will unfold over six courses every night. Each pair of chefs will be asked to cook a starter, a main and a pudding shaped around their gastronomic traditions and inspired to the most distinctive flavours of their own countries.
Two Hungry Girls, Backdoor Kitchen, Darjeeling Express, The Candlestick Maker,Yummy Choo Eats, The Pickled Fork and Gastronhome are only some of the names you will find down the path to the ultimate food experience.
The dinners:
1st March: The Pickled Fork – Darjeeling Express (Great Britan VS India)
Chris was the GB captain in some of the major international culinary competitions, now, turned into refined pop up host by his love for snowboard, runs The Pickled Fork. Asma didn’t know how to cook and now roast her own spices and runs probably the most popular Indian supperclub in London. Their menus? Childhood memories to retrieve and a brand new Lamb dish to create.
8th March: Gastronhome – Yummy Choo Eats (France VS Mauritius)
Christopher and Damien are two ex-Ritz enfants terribles on a mission to spread authentic regional French cuisine with no fuss over London. Selina is the ambassador of Mauritian cuisine in London with her pop up experience now featured in almost all main national magazines. Their menus it is all about creating the best marinate and plate up the most succulent chicken dish.
14th March: Backdoor Kitchen – The Hungry Hakka (Italy VS China)
Rob and Wen have been knowing each other since they started their adventure in London underground food scene. Rob runs the perennially sold out BDK supperclub. Wen is the co-founder of one the most celebrated ticketing platforms for pop ups, supperclubs and cooking classes. Flavour Expats is their food dream coming true. Get ready for some of the best Pork belly you ever had!
29th March: The Pickled Fork - Tacochu (Australia VS Japan)
Alex cooked his way through the best kitchens of the world by surfing on the Australian coast and snowboarding down the Alps. In the meantime he cooked for the Royal Family and President Obama. Now he co-hosts The Pickled Fork pop up. Erica knows the secrets way of Japanese cuisine as the back of her hands and her overcrowded events can only tell us more how Tacochu pop up is the next thing to eat. 12th Squid and the ultimate meat galore are the themes of the night.
5th April: The Candlestick Maker - Bunta BBQ (England VS Vietnam)
Ian is the pastry chef who turned into a supperclub hosts who eventually became the director and head chef of Cult Events, the pop up lab behind events such us Pisco Fuego. Luisa was born in Naples but her heart is still in Saigon where she lived for a long time and learnt the arts of Vietnamese cuisine. She now runs Bunta BBQ, introducing the magic of Saigonese food on the streets of London.
12th April: 7th Floor Supperclub –Pepe’s Kitchen (Italy VS Philippines)
Lucia was born and bred in London, but her heart is in Italy where her Nonnas taught her the most traditional Italian cuisine. She runs the successful 7th floor supperclub. Mae learnt to cook by her father and her recipes are still inspired to those dishes. She runs Pepe’s kitchen pop up and it is considered one of the most qualified pioneers of Filipino cuisine in London.
26th April: Backdoor Kitchen– Two Hungry Girls (Italy VS Singapore/Malaysia)
Rob made Mamma proud as the main Italian newspaper recently mentioned the Backdoor Kitchen as the most interesting Italian supperclub experience in London. Shu and Leigh run one the oldest and delicious Chinese-Singaporean-Malaysian supperclub in town. This is their chance to travel over Marco Polo’s footsteps and create a feast fit for the Kublai Khan."

When -
March: Saturday 1st & 8th, Friday 14th, Saturday 29th
April: Saturdays 5th, 12th & 26th

Where - Palm2, 152-156 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0QJ

Tickets - £35 from Edible Experiences here


Link 1 - Flavour Expats Site
Link 2 - Booking Page

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