Tuesday 11 March 2014

Russian Revels' 'Cold War Spies' Night in Bloomsbury Square

Russian Revels, who have been organising pop-ups since last year, are hosting a special night at Pushkin House in Bloomsbury.  Diners are encouraged to dress up - think 1950s Cold War' and undergo some role play and fun and games, before settling down to a delicious feast.

"An evening of food, fantasy, fun and games with the Russian Revels.
Guests of this gastronomic experience are encouraged to dress up, and be at least a little bit prepared to engage with the atmosphere.
It’s 1959 and you are a spy in the Cold War. You receive an envelope summoning you to come for a briefing at HQ
There you will be trained how to pass as a citizen - Soviet or American, you won't know till then - how to handle your drink and give a proper toast are just as important as good morals…
You won't be expected to do anything specific - just enjoy the food designed for this event, drink up and walk around the venue transformed just for this night into the spy HQ.
But the more open you are, the more fun and pleasure you'll get out of the evening!"

When - Sat 22nd March, 7pm - 10pm

Where - Pushkin House, 5A Bloomsbury Square, WC1A 2TA

Tickets - £48.30 from Grub Club here

Link - Booking page

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