Friday 7 March 2014

The 'Ghana Taste Mauritius' Joint Supper Club at Palm2 in Clapton

On Saturday 22nd March two great supper club talents, Mauritian Selina from Yummy Choo (YC on the menu below), and Ghanaian Zoe from Zoe's Ghana Kitchen (GK) are battling for your tastebuds at a combined meal at the Palm2 space in Clapton.  You get to try a mix of dishes from each country, spread out over three courses.  As with otehr events at the Palm2, it's BYOB, but you must buy the bottle from the shop downstairs.

"Zoe's Ghana Kitchen & Yummy Choo go head to head for a tasty explosion! Join us as we take you on a taste tour of Ghana & Mauritius in this exciting one night only pop up event!– we’ll be presenting traditional dishes and those with a twist from our countries alongside each other!
With a Ghanaian/Mauritian soundtrack to accompany the evening and get you in the mood – It’s Ghana Taste Mauritius!
Terrine of Black Eye Beans, (pureed black eye beans layered with shredded chicken, shrimp, boiled egg and green peppers) GK
Gateaux Piment & Coriander Satini (split pea chilli balls, fried till crispy with a spicy fresh coriander dipping sauce) YC
Spicy Kale & Sardine Stew w/ Kenkey Corn dough dumplings GK
Carry Peppers (Chili peppers filled with a tasty sardine mix and fried in a chickpea batter) YC
Agushi Palaver Sauce w/ Slow cooked Organic Spring Lamb (tender lamb in a gently spiced baby leaf spinach & ground melon seed sauce) GK
Chicken Fricasse (Tender chicken pieces cooked with thyme, peas, soya sauce and finished with red onions) YC
Spinach & Agushi (Super food Agushi - ground melon seeds,slow cooked with baby leaf spinach, ginger, coriander, garlic, onions, tomatoes and lime juice)GK
Mauritian Kofta Curry (Potato, courgette, carrot spiced vegetarian balls delicately spiced in a traditional curry based sauce with cinnamon & spices) YC
Spinach, Carrot and Red Bean Rice GK
Puris (Fresh fried mini puri) YC
Lime Sorbet w/ toasted gari GK (fresh & crunchy)
Pineapple Flambee w/ Coconut Cream (pieces of fruit cooked in Mauritian vanilla and dark rum, dessert heaven!) YC"

When - Saturday 22nd March, 7.30pm - 11pm

Where - Palm2, 152-156 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0QJ

Tickets - £30 (until 15th March), then £35 from Edible Experiences here


Link - Booking Page

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