Saturday 28 June 2014

Oh Comely's July Pop-up Shop off Carnaby Street

Creative magazine Oh Comely is curating a pop-up shop with Michelle Oh Jewellery in Newburgh Street, which runs parallel to Carnaby Street, slightly to the East.  It's open from 1st to 9th July, and features documentary film nights, craft sessions and more.

"Oh Comely are guest curating a pop-up shop with Michelle Oh Jewellery this July: It's called Work-Shop and right plop in the center of London, near Oxford Circus! That's 6 Newburgh Street, W1F 7RQ to be precise.
We're pretty darn excited to share news about what's in store, so read on. 
Design talent
Working in collaboration with Michelle Oh, we're presenting a selection of the best talent in contemporary art and design.
Jewelers Saadiqah and Ali Forbes, illustrator Dorry Spikes, designer Jubilique and Louise, and maker Danny Quanstrom are taking part with work on show and for sale.
Events include Four documentary film nights, and Craft classes - book here
Purveyors of the finest brews and beers Green and Pleasant will be supporting Work-Shop throughout July. Come and sup on a shandy at our 1st July Launch Party, or grab a beer at the film night."

When  1st - 9th July

Where - 6 Newburgh Street, W1f 7QR


Link 1 - Oh Comely on Facebook
Link 2 - Events page on Eventbrite

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