Tuesday 29 July 2014

Lemonade & Laughing Gas' Surrealist Dinner Party in East London

This August Lemonade and Laughing Gas are back for another immersive, fun night of food, cocktails and unusual fun, this time on the theme of a surreal dinner party.  Food is 'imagined' by moro head chef Flo Hiller, and cocktails are by regular collaborator Alex Orwin.  Dress up, and be prepared for anything...

"In 1972, Baronness Marie-Hélène Rothschild threw a deliriously extravagant party for guests including Salvador Dali, Audrey Hepburn and Richard Burton. The result was the infamous ‘Diner de Têtes Surrealiste’...

This August, Lemonade and Laughing Gas invite you to enter this world for their next immersive dining experience, as they re-imagine and reconstruct this notorious dinner party...with your help.
Black tie and surrealist heads are compulsory. The rather exciting venue will be announced the week before (hint - East, Zone 2).

More clues will be unveiled in the weeks leading up to the event, and for those that wish, a downloadable journey route will be available from three different starting points, to lead you to the party in the way that L&LG know best.

The eating part of the evening will be art installation crossed with an experimental buffet: part sit down dinner, part eating journey discovered by you. The menu has been imagined by Moro head chef Flo Hillier, and is inspired by the 1972 menu's oddities such as ‘Chevres hurlant de Tristesse’ (roughly translated as ‘cheese of goat screaming in post-coital sadness’).  As usual, we’re collaborating with genius mixologist Alex Orwin for mind-bending cocktails and expertly paired drinks."

When - Thurs 14th - Sat 16th August, 7pm - 1am

Where - A secret location 'in East London, Zone 2'

Tickets - £45 from Design My Night here

Link - Lemonade & Laughing Gas

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