Sunday 19 October 2014

Ben Spalding's 'Stripped Back' & 'No Rules' Residency in Kingsland Road, Haggerston

Chef Ben Spalding, who has been organising pop-ups of various forms for the past few years, has taken over at the 260-264 Kingsland Road disused office space (home of 'Fairground' over the summer) for a series of events, including 'Stripped Back' - fine dining without pretensions - and 'No Rules' - dinners cooked in front of you - plus a 'Decade Dinner' for the 1970s and for the 1980s.  Full dates and details here

Stripped Back
"StrippedBack is affordable, accessible, delicious dining without any pretension. It is one of many different concepts created and ran by Ben Spalding, It has been hugely successful and celebrated in the 15 months since broadway market in Hackney, east London with just 4 plastic stools bought from the local shop, some very basic pre prepared infusions or cured fish or meat and some raw vegetables, equipment consisted of a mandolin, a blowtorch, a peeler and a knife, it was all transported 60 miles by train from kent to London in a suitcase every saturday morning at the crack of dawn, over time it has naturally grown into a unique, different and refined take on eating out, mainly featuring in the street food scene."

When - Thursdays & Fridays from 16th October (barring the 'No Rules' Fridays listed below)

Tickets - £39 from Eventbrite here

No Rules
""No Rules is an idea that first came about in late 2013, I wanted to cook the style of food I was cooking when at Roganic, then that pub in North London & push it further, with more experimental ideas which have substance, be able to tell stories about my supliers & stories about our exploits in chasing creativity in cooking and makes my the diners think more about what & how they eat."
This not only puts my reputation on the line but provides what I believe is an unexplored personal experience & meal to a group of strangers, we are on the table just a few feet from you, we prepare, create & cook the entire menu on the spot in front of you, it is almost like being able to sit on a busy chef's section in a restaurant & watch them prepare everything. It’s the ultimate eating experience with complete honesty & trust from the guest to me & me to the guest which I believe will break new ground in eating food"

When - Fridays - 24th October, 1st November, 19th December

Tickets - £85 from Eventbrite here

Where - 260-264 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DG


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Link 1 - All events on Eventbrite
Link 2 - Ben Spalding on Facebook

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