Sunday 5 October 2014

Indie Ales' 'Intro To Craft Beer' Night in Holloway

Indie Ales, who organise beer tastings, is holding an 'intro to craft beer' night in N7 on Thursday 16th October.  You'll get some great beers to taste, lots of information, and some tapas to eat while you're there.  Perfect for beginners!

"So you may have heard about this thing called craft beer. If not, where have you been because this thing is taking the food and drink world by storm and has wine connoisseurs quaking in their boots!
Think you know what beer is? Golden, fizzy, refreshingly bitter and tasting mildly of corn? If this is you, leave all your preconceptions at home!
At this tasting we will debunk all the myths about beer, introduce you to some new styles of beer possibly even being brewed right down the road from where you live! We want to open up the fascinating world of beer tasting to you
It will be interactive, engaging and enormous fun! We look forward to sharing our passion for beer and helping you get the most out of your tipple. Come and join us for a masterclass, served with homemade tapas.
There will also be a tapas menu of:
Bruschetta with salsa
Ham & salami  
Manchego cheese"

When - Thursday 16th October, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Where - Jenius Social, Studio 8, The Islington Studios, 6 Hornsey Street, N7 8GR

Tickets - £25 from Jenius Social here


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