Sunday 11 October 2015

Arun Kapil’s ‘Spice Night’ at The 3 Crowns near Old Street

The 3 Crowns in East Road, near Old Street, is hosting an Indian supper club with Arun Kapil, founder of award winning spice company, Green Saffron on Thursday 29th October.  to showcase his spices.  The night costs just £45, and there will also be a specially selected list of wines to buy on the night.  Do it!

"On Thursday, 29th October Arun Kapil, founder of award winning spice company, Green Saffron will host a Spice Night at The 3 Crowns Old Street pub. Cooking alongside Head Chef Lee Urch, Arun will create a 5-course menu making the most of Green Saffron’s fresh, vibrant spices. 
The Spice Night will celebrate Arun’s unparalleled knowledge of spices adding depth and flavour to dishes and surprising the palate with unexpected flavour pairings. The evening will begin with canapés of Venison Tartar with crisp bread, ‘Gol Guppa’, tamarind water & spice and Artichoke ‘Croques’, Desmond, cream & cubeb. 
This will be followed by a Spiced Butternut and Autumn Leaf Salad, slow-cooked Burford Brown egg and shaved raw chestnut. Guests will next enjoy Cornish Cock Crab Cakes with sweet cucumber pickle, Rajput ‘split and grilled’ Red-Legged Partridge, damson & bramble ‘lunji’ and chickpea game chips finished off with Triple Chocolate Meringue Cream Pie, garam biscuit, pistachio & rose. 
A digestif, created especially for the evening will be ‘Mishri and Soonf’ a traditional Indian ‘Paan’ of baby fennel seeds and sugar crystals. With the help of Dynamic Wines, Restaurant Manager Rohit Patkar has designed a list of organic and biodynamic wines especially for the evening. The list, including a selection of orange, red and white wines will be poured from magnums and available by the glass. 
The 3 Crowns menu has seasonality and provenance at the heart, serving a menu of updated British and European classics in the restaurant, and a more informal menu of bar snacks alongside craft ales and cocktails in the pub. Urch’s experience spans over ten years working alongside Quo Vadis Head Chef, Jeremy Lee."

When - Thurs 29th October, 7pm

Where - The 3 Crowns, 8 East Rd, London N1 6AD

Tickets - £45.  To book, please contact The 3 Crowns on: 020 7842 8516

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Link - The 3 Crowns

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