Sunday 12 June 2016

The 2016 Gelato Festival at Spitalfields Market

Great news!  The Gelato Festival is back at Spitalfields for 2016, and this time it lasts over a week, from Friday 24th June, to Sunday 3rd July.  Gelato makers wll be coming over from Italy with their amazing flavours, plus there will be an event space, a lab, and a competition for the producers.  £17 gets you a gelato card, which gets you 8 scoops - no cash sales - and gives you access to events etc. This is going to be hugely popular!

"The most important Italian gelato gastronomic event, now in its seventh edition. A traveling festival, which runs Italy and Europe, traveling for 6 months and stops in 10 cities, rewarding the best Italian and foreign gelato makers, leading in the competition unique flavors specially created and which will be voted directly by those who have been taste them through the special Gelato Card, along with a panel of experts. Its distinguishing feature in terms of visibility are three trucks, created for the festival: a laboratory, an event space, a tasting place. Also many events happen time after time, for the duration of the Festival. Starred chefs, gelato makers, the most important and prestigious companies in the sector, all they tell the fantastic world of Italian gelato, its traditions, its secrets, what makes it unique and desirable worldwide. During the event they will be offered 100 flavors, created to celebrate the Gelato Festival 2016. In each stage there are between 8 and 16 selected gelato makers in the area that bring excellent never made before flavors to compete for the title of best Italian gelato. There are 12 flavors out of competition always unique and original from sponsors.
The Gelato Card
It is the way of access to the jury and to the events of the Gelato Festival 2016. It allows to sample all exceptional taste in the competition as the other unique and original flavors offered from sponsors. The card also allows to participate in all events reserved of Gelato Festival 2016."

When - Fri 24th June - Sun 3rd July
Friday 24th June - Saturday 2nd July Midday-8pm
Sunday 3rd July: Midday-7pm

Tickets - From Eventbrite here
A gelato card costs £17, and gives you access to events, tastings and more
Note that you need a card to get any scoops or tasters, and that each card gets you 8 scoops.
It won't be possible to use cash to buy scoops on the day.

Where - Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6EW


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