Sunday 26 June 2016

The Laksa Kitchen's Two Week Pop-up At The Tolli Cafe in Kentish Town

Update - it's been extended for two more weekends - Fri 22nd - Sun 24th, and Fri 29th - Sun 31st July 2016

For two weeks The Laksa Kitchen will be cooking their spicy Laksas at Tolli Cafe in Kentish Town Road, following an extensive trip to Asia to research recipes.  It's serving daily from Thursday 30th June to Thursday 14th Wednesday 13th July, and they are taking bookings.  Go!

"The search for the perfect Laksa started at the beginning of the year with the idea to travel across Malaysia and bring back the perfect Laksa to London. There are there are two basic types of Laksa; “curry" made from coconut milk and “asam” made with a sour tamarind base although there are many more regional variants found in cities, towns, villages and homes stretching across Malaysia and into Thailand. So in May we took a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Borneo via Penang to hunt for what makes the perfect Laksa.
After dozens of bowls of Laksa (along with lots of amazing streetfood) It was in Kuching City in Sarawak Borneo where we came across a small hole in the wall cafe with some plastic chairs and lots of people hunched over steaming bowls, but the extraordinary thing was nobody was talking. It was quite surreal to find a moment of calm in such a hectic restaurant. This was where we first tasted Sarawak Laksa, served with a squeeze of Calamansi lime and a spoon of chilli paste. To the eye it was slightly darker to the lighter curry or even asam laksa we had previously eaten however extremely light. Our first taste was pure savoury and  so addictive we immediately understood why nobody was talking, after each mouthful you are reaching for another without a moment to draw a breath. Without saying anything, of course, we knew we had to bring this back to London.
We make our Laksa soup daily using Chef C.Y Lim’s Malay paste recipe, dried shrimp, coconut milk and a full flavoured chicken and prawn stock.
Chef C.Y Lim grew up on Penang Island; a region renowned for its diverse and thriving street food scene. Inspired by his grandfathers hawker stall Lim followed into a career in cooking, working in many of Penang's luxury hotels before moving to London where he now holds the position of executive chef for Ekachai restaurants."

When - June 30th - July 13th
Update - it's been extended for two more weekends - Fri 22nd - Sun 24th, and Fri 29th - Sun 31st July 2016
Monday to Friday 6.30 pm until 10.30pm
Saturday & Sunday 11.30am until 11pm (Lunch 12 - 3.30) (Dinner 6.30 - 11)

Where -  Tolli cafĂ©, 327 Kentish Town Road, London, NW5 2TJ

Bookings -


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